Nephew of the Week: Ric Heinert

Originally from North Dakota, Ric is a member of the “Men of North Dakota.” Today he lives in Channelside with his hot husband, Mark!

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

We so LOVE Miss Amy DeMilo!!! This weekend in the Ybor parking garage, she was a guardian angel to a very lucky man in trouble. Here is what Amy posted on Facebook…

Amy DeMilo

August 2 at 3:42am · Tampa, FL

On my way home, in the parking garage, in the elevator up to 4th floor…[the] door opens [and] he falls in! I freaked out; it was like a movie…he was propped up against the doors and just fell in. I thought he was dead! But no, just passed out. I did call 911 and had police and fire trucks there in 2 minutes! Didn’t want to leave him alone! So if anyone knows him, please let me know he survived! My good deed! Sorry for posting your pic, you hot mess, but you were cute!

Tampa Flooding

This is the flooding on North “A” Street in Tampa, in front of our home. We have only seen water one other time on this street.


Naughty Ybor 7-Eleven!

Parking a semi on 7th Avenue at 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night? WTF! Blocking traffic on 7th Avenue! Then the drivers had the nerve to argue with city officials. The police were then called. So much for being a good neighbor in the Historic Ybor City District.  We don’t care how big you think you are, this was just plain rude! Shame on 7-Eleven!

Channelside Drive Closing

This week is the start of the billion-dollar redevelopment of Channelside. Channelside Drive will be closed from South Jefferson Street. The closure is expected to last for eight weeks. A BIG Mark & Carrie TIP: If you are going to the Amalie Arena, park in Ybor City and take the TECO Streetcar to the arena.


Del Shores has written the screenplay and along with his producing partners, Louise H. Beard and Emerson Collins, the quest to secure financing is off and running!

Their goal is to shoot in Dallas, Texas this summer with his amazing Sordid Lives actors!

By joining this event, you will become a Sordid Supporter! They ask that you share the news, so the momentum will continue and grow. Share it with other Sordid Lives fans and as it spreads far and wide, they know they will find those people with the enthusiasm, financial ability and passion for the message of equality to help all of them make this a reality. By simply joining, sharing and loudly saying “I am a Sordid Supporter,” you are a part of making this film happen!

Right now their budget is in place, their legal ducks are in a row and they simply need to secure Dish-3023_copymore investors to greenlight the picture.

We have investors on board with OVER half of the budget. We need to greenlight the film and we feel very positive as more and more interest is expressed. ($25K is the minimum investment opportunity.) An investor package can be requested by e-mailing

They will update every so often with news, pictures and fun Sordid tidbits along the way. Del Shores, Emerson Collins and Louise H. Beard thank you for being a Sordid Supporter!