By Steve Soto

In recent years, men’s accessories have started to become more interesting in the ready-to-wear markets of the fashion industry. This season there are some great trends being unveiled in some SPECTACULAR ways by some of the largest fashion houses out there!

Fall-Fasion_RingA huge trend in men’s accessories right now is the signet ring. Historically, these were worn by members of royalty and important families throughout most advanced cultures. The signet ring would have the family crest engraved on it and would be pressed on melted wax to seal envelopes or sign documents.  Versace has a beautiful line of signet rings, and while I generally like them all, for me, there is one that really stands out. The Greca & Medusa Ring is GORGEOUS. It is a warm, gold-colored ring with an octagonal face and a textured exterior surface, with the now-iconic Medusa head and Grecian key detail. This really stands out as a great accent piece to either a relaxed date look or even a finishing piece to a business meeting ensemble; it’s very versatile.

Fall-Fasion_walletLeather has always been a must-have in men’s accessories but this season there are brighter colors and added metal work, which gives a fun new dimension to a man’s wardrobe. Versace has some of the most beautiful men’s wallets out there right now and my personal favorite is the Royal blue leather credit card holder and the studded billfold wallet. They offer it in red leather but the black one with gold rivets is SO sexy!

Men’s hats are a pretty big trend heading into autumn, particularly the baseball hat, fedora, and knit cap. Gucci has some great pieces for this Fall-Fasion_Fedoratrend, including the leather baseball cap (a couple of different styles are available in gray, brown and black) and also the straw fedora with leather band (available in brown and black). The fedora is definitely a little more dressy for this trend but it’s a GREAT way to rock this look! Hermès is also offering the same designs for this trend also but didn’t use leather like Gucci. What they did do is bring a tailored look to men’s headwear in every piece they offer!

Fall-Fasion_BriefcaseSomething else that the designers have started paying more attention to in recent years is the fact that more and more men are feeling comfortable carrying some sort of bag in their everyday lives. Many more design houses are offering briefcases, duffel bags, weekenders, backpacks, and even clutches!

One of my favorites is the Gucci GG Supreme Canvas Briefcase, an Italian-made canvas piece with leather accents. It is a briefcase that doesn’t look as serious as a “briefcase.” This bag is perfect for a small laptop and some files, great if you end up having to take your work home with you!

For a more budget-friendly way to take part in this trend, check out the Kenneth Cole line of men’s bags. They do a GREAT job at staying on-trend and they offer quality leather goods at a reasonable price point.

Now if you are feeling bold and don’t mind being the “guy carrying a clutch,” then Dolce & Gabbana has some STUNNING crocodile pieces in red and black that are about the size of an iPad and about as wide as a Harry Potter book. These bags are truly beautiful.Fall-Fasion_sunglasses

Finally, for sunglasses right now, I REALLY love Tom Ford’s Franklin Aviators; they give off a sexy and smart look that really shines for me! These are a soft aviator style with metal insert on the nose area and adjustable silicone nose pads with metal signature ‘T’ logo.

Dior also has a GREAT line of men’s sunglasses right now too. My favorite in this line is the “AL13.2”. It features Aviator-style frames in matte blue aluminum and blue acetate temples with the emblematic Dior Homme cut on the gray bridge.

That’s it for my men’s accessories picks leading into the final months of the year. Don’t forget to have fun with your style and look for these trends in all markets (not just the high end) so you can find cost-effective ways of incorporating current trends into your wardrobe!