The LGBT community has a lot to be thankful for this year.  Same-sex marriage is now a constitutional right.  Trans issues have to come to the forefront of American mainstream.  Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done but now is the time to appreciate our progress.  Here are the top tracks we’re thankful for this season.

“Tearing Down The Walls”

There’s no denying that Luciana is a masterful songwriter. She has long been a pioneer in the electro music scene and we’re thankful that her latest high-energy track plays like a delicious trip to a candy shop.  Produced by Swedish DJ duo Cave Kings, the track serves as a wake-up call for all to free inhibitions, step out of boxes and go after dreams.  “There are so many walls that get placed before us in life, real and imaginary,” she says.  “It’s only when we step out of our comfort zone that we feel alive.”   The fittingly chaotic, singsong chorus reaches such high points that it’s rather hypnotizing.  It feels like she’s actually tearing down concrete walls, which is quite the great effect on a listener.  If God is a DJ, this will become the next big party anthem of the season.



The young out star is coming for that Song Of The Season crown with a single that combines clever lyrics and a unique flow of spoken-word rap with a mesmerizing electro pop and reggae groove.  “Superstar”, the first track from his upcoming “The Dark of My Mind” album, tells the story of high school sweethearts.  One leaves and becomes famous while the other stays home to wonder if the old flame will remember the love they once shared. The song is written as a stream of consciousness and Raphael doesn’t shy from using male pronouns when professing his love.  It’s bold, sultry, and just catchy enough to make get this kid on the path towards becoming a superstar himself.


“Heavy Hitter”
Did your summer crush leave you crushed?  Theda is an exciting young powerhouse who puts her bleeding heart on the line, singing songs that take listeners on a journey through life, love and death.  Each track on her new EP brilliantly captures the struggles and battles we have all faced after being kicked to the curb and dehumanized by the one person we thought we could rely on.  The title track is especially moving.  It has a rock/country vibe that is ripe for a club remix. There’s also the haunting “Liquid Poison” and the blues infused “Picking Up the Pieces.”  It’s a brooding, dark album that is perfect ear candy for those cold, bitter nights when we just need to let out a cry.


Violet Chachki

The debut album from the reigning queen of Drag race is dynamic, sensual, deviant…the perfect compliment to the fetish bombshell we all know and love. In fact, Violet’s love of juju is heavily featured throughout the five-track EP.   In “Bettie”, she plays the straight-laced housewife who’s a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets. In “Harlequin”, Violet plays the role of an intoxicating latex-wearing joker-deviant. The album draws inspiration from Violet’s real life experience working in dungeons.  Her songs address gender roles and conformity, power play, exhibitionism, sex, confidence… It is an incredibly bold assertion of power and Violet deserves respect and admiration for going all-in.