Get More Done with These Top-of-the-Line Products

Whether you work in an office setting, from home, or if you travel for work more days in a week than you’re in your own city, gadgets have made us more productive. Now it’s possible to work from nearly anywhere, and a lot of tech companies have made note of that. Here are seven products that will make you “ooh” and “aah”, and will hopefully make work more manageable.

archostabletArchos 80b Helium Tablet

Sometimes people don’t want to lug their laptops out in public, and sometimes a phone can’t do everything. That’s where this affordable tablet comes in. With a quad-core processor and a 1200×800 pixel screen, it operates very well for its price range, but the kicker is that you can bypass WiFi connectivity altogether and operate the tablet using 4G wireless, which will allow for better signals nearly everywhere. ($240)

wocketsmartwalletWocket Smart Wallet

It can be difficult to keep track of all your credit cards, especially if you’re on a work trip and you want to expense one transaction and you want to make another using your personal card. Program this smart wallet with all of your credit card information, and you won’t need to fumble for your wallet again. Includes options to save expiration dates and three-digit verification codes, both necessary to make many transactions. ($150)

primeratrioprinterPrimera Trio All-in-One Printer

This impressive printer can go anywhere with you. At just 2.7 pounds, you can pack it in the same bag as your laptop. Plug it in at your hotel room or conference center and you can print, scan and copy documents all from this device. Scanning and copying can be done at 600 dpi and printing can be done at 4800 x 1200 dpi, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice on quality just because you’re away from the office. It also includes a battery, meaning you can print even while you’re in the air. ($400)

signaledgeplusSignal Edge Plus

Charge your smartphone on the go while still getting everything you can out of it. This charger also works as a stand, so you can access your e-mail, Facebook, agenda, or anything else while making sure your phone has enough juice to get you through the day. Charge the stand before you leave and your phone will benefit, receiving one full charge from 0%. When you’re done, simply fold up the stand and keep on going. ($50)


Earlier this year I told you about the special desk that allowed you to do your work while exercising on the treadmill. This is a similar offering, but it can be used anywhere you need a level surface for your laptop. Working outside is now a breeze — literally and figuratively — when you open up StandStand. When you’re done, fold it up and carry it away. Available in Nordic Birch and Bamboo. ($69-$99)


This is a perfect companion for your StandStand. In the United States, workers tend to sit for over seven hours of each workday, and that can lead to a host of health hazards such as poor circulation and back pain. Standing on FluidStance allows for range of movement at your work station and also encourages heart health, with a 15% increase in heart rate credited to people who use FluidStance over people who don’t. (starts at $289)

Kkanexkeyboardanex Multi-Sync Keyboard

You can do absolutely anything with this cool wireless Bluetooth keyboard. It is full-sized like you would find on a laptop or a desktop, and you can shuffle between your devices like a pro. Want to send a quick text? Just transfer the keyboard capabilities over to your phone and type a quick message. Have an e-mail to send out? Shift over to your tablet and you’re ready to write it! This keyboard is currently only available for iPhones, iPads and Macs. ($69.95)