Don’t Leave Home Without These Time-Savers on Your Phone!

Last year I unveiled Hotspots’ first “best apps” compilation, and this year I’m returning with seven more apps that will make your life easier and more fun. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I did learning about them! All apps are available on Apple and Android products unless stated otherwise.


apptapeacallproTapeACall Pro

Many Android models allow you to record your phone calls, but for the models that don’t (iPhone), TapeACall Pro is a life-saver. If you have a job that requires you to take notes from conference calls, just press record and you can access your recording on your phone later. With a USB cord, you can transfer your recordings to your computer. You can also upload your phone calls to Facebook and Twitter, or send it in an e-mail or text message.







appcamscannerproCamScanner Pro

If you’re in need of a high-quality scanner and you’re not near one, you can always use your phone! This app comes in free and paid versions ($4.99) and can save your documents as jpgs, pdfs, and more. You will be surprised by how quickly you can take one piece of paper on a table and scan it to your phone in the highest quality imaginable. I rarely recommend paid apps but this is one that’s worth shelling out the money for.




appadobeacrobatAdobe Acrobat Reader

This one is essential, especially if you are on the go and have to access pdf files from your telephone. This free download is available for iPhone and Android and allows you not only to view pdf files, but fill in and sign forms as well. No need to wait until you get back to the office to fill out some important paperwork; you can do that right from the palm of your hand while out at lunch or at a business meeting. If pdf files are part of your daily routine, this app should be in your phone.





Nearly every smartphone has a note-taking app, but Evernote brings things to a whole new level. Not only can you jot down notes from seminars or meetings, you can make checklists and ensure you’ve gotten everything completed that you need to complete. Check things off one by one and Evernote will alert you of your progress toward the end of the workday. Share your thoughts and work with co-workers (who must also use Evernote). This cool, free app will take all your stress away.





On Android devices, the built-in keyboard can be a little difficult to navigate, especially if you have big fingers like I do. Fleksy is a free download available at the Google Play Store which brings you larger keys to text and e-mail your friends, family and co-workers. Gone are the days where you’d have to hold down the delete button to remove a misspelling: just one swipe to the left and the error disappears.





Who doesn’t love taking photos on their phone? If you’re looking for a great all-in-one photo editor, PhotoDirector is the one to choose. Whether you want basic edits such as cropping and effects to more difficult maneuvers such as HSL color correction, PhotoDirector has you covered. Then you’re ready to post your glamour shots all over Facebook and Instagram. The most impressive part is that this app is completely free for download.





This is one you won’t find in the regular app stores. Most everyone visits YouTube once in a while, and a lot of people wonder how they can watch their favorite videos whenever they want. TubeMate allows for direct downloading of YouTube videos for your own personal consumption, ranging from standard definition to 1080p quality. From there you can watch your videos on your phone or even sync it up to your Chromecast (if using an Android) and watch on the big screen.