It’s Never Been So Fun to Have a Smart House!

In our home and garden issue, I shared with you some gadgets that will make life easier around your house. For our annual technology issue, I researched a veritable smorgasbord of gadgets that are just coming out now. You may not even know you needed these…until now! Here are four gadgets that are on sale right now that will fit right in to your smart house, and four that will be on the market very soon!


levitonhumiditysensorLeviton Home Humidity Monitor and Sensor

Humidity is a fact of life in Florida, and in a house that’s too damp, mold can grow, causing endless headaches (literally). This sensor detects excess humidity in a room and activates a ventilation fan, which will limit any future condensation issues. This sensor also doubles as a fan/light combination, allowing you to replace your current lightswitch. It’s a great stocking-stuffer, with an even better stocking-stuffer price. ($32.32,





nubrytehomeconsoleNuBryte Smart Home Safety Console

This console, similar in size to a small tablet, can be mounted on your wall and be programmed for various tasks, such as lighting (LearningLights technology predicts when you may need more light, or less), home security, notifications in the event of severe weather…it even boasts a family calendar, which can be sent to any family member’s phone via WiFi. Get more out of life with less energy with this fancy new console from NuBryte. ($199,




wallyhomewaterleakdetectorWallyHome Water Leak Detection System

If you’re worried about the upcoming El Niño season, this product will be great for your home. Install the home device and then place daughter devices in areas that are in danger of water damage. The daughter devices report back to the main device using the already existing copper wiring in your home. If there is an issue, WallyHome sends you a text to let you know where the problem is and how bad it is. The battery life is very long indeed: the daughter devices can report information for ten years on their own. ($299,



theringThe Ring

Think The Clapper, but more upscale and dependent on your gestures. You can program your Ring to do a number of tasks for you, such as open curtains, turn on your television, and even operate programs on your telephone or tablet. Forget having to get out your phone to call an Uber; you can do it with a flick of the wrist with The Ring. With an affordable price tag, you won’t know how you lived without it. ($150,



lgtwinwashdryerLG Twin Wash Dryer

This revolutionary new washing machine was the darling of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. This machine can wash two loads at once, a larger load in the main washer and a smaller one with delicate items in the mini-washer stored right below. The companion dryer dries clothes 50% faster than current models. Then there’s the WiFi hookup: you can start the washer while you’re away, and the load will be washed when you return. This product will be available on December 20. ($1500,



smartercoffeeSmarter Coffee

As a coffee connoisseur, I was very happy to see this coffee machine made by Smarter. You can use WiFi to connect to your coffeepot anywhere in your house, and you can use the Smarter Coffee app to tailor your coffee-drinking habits so you can enjoy the best pot of coffee ever. It also senses when you arrive home, brewing a cup of coffee for you right away. This product is currently only on sale in Britain. To find out when Smarter will get an American release, visit



dacordiscoveryiqDacor Discovery iQ Ranges

Now you can use your voice and WiFi to control your oven, whether you’re at home or away. This new iQ technology was rolled out in 2014 and there are some new updates for the holidays: the WiFi option is now available for iPhones, and single and double-wall ovens now feature this technology. If you want to entertain at a house party but don’t have time to run to the kitchen, or if your hands are full while in the kitchen, this stove’s for you. Get a price quote at



anovatouchAnova Touch

This was another product that wowed the crowds at this year’s CES show. It’s a sous vide cooker that you can control yourself via WiFi from your phone, home network, or tablet. Set the temperature on your food before you leave the house and change it if you’re going to be early or late. The best thing about sous vide cooking is that you needn’t worry about your dish being overcooked; you can control all of that! To find out when this product will be released, go to