Is December over already? As you get over the endless carols and peppermint bark everything, update your playlists with some of the new jams for the New Year.

Here are some of the best songs to usher in winter and kick 2017 off on a high note.

“Lux Life”

Company Freak
Every band hopes their album whisks listeners on a journey and while most fail, this phenomenal ep shoots clubbers into the stratosphere with an eclectic and exuberant mix of planetary dance floor rhythms. The album leads with “Look What Your Love Has Done For Me”, an Ethiopian-synth-funk meets 80s-dance-pop confection. It then goes into the title track, a funkier than funk jam featuring the original lead singers of the iconic seventies band, Chic. “Get Myself Together” is a self-motivational track while the dark and moody “Drones” is new wave disco at its best. But the album’s standout is “Equal Rights”. Underground house legend Dawn Tallman brings church to the dance floor with a triumphant call for freedom. A stellar piece of work is what “Lux Life” is, from beginning to end.
“Things Can Only Get Better”


The first release from wonder-down-under producer Nick Jay (as his alter ego MOPO) is an uplifting and inspiring reinterpretation of the 1993 D:REAM classic. The cover finds inspiration from all of the insanity going on in the world right now from Trump to Brexit to Australia failing to legalize gay marriage to Isis and North Korea… the list goes on and on. MOPO intends to get club fans back to the floor, dancing like they have no cares in the world. If this magical song doesn’t sweep you away from reality, nothing will.

“Wah Wah Wah”

The latest track from our favorite bisexual female rapper is her greatest yet. First off, the song doesn’t follow the typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus structure of other songs. And its alternative grunge sound mixed with rated-R rap during the verses doesn’t sound like songs that play on mainstream radio. But that’s exactly what makes DEVMO’s music so refreshing. For one, her style is cutting edge without trying to be. Secondly, she’s not afraid to tell the truth, even when it doesn’t reflect well on her. Most importantly, the music is good. Profoundly good. The catchy riffs and heavy bass on “Wah Wah Wah” are in a class all their own.
“Boys and Sometimes Girls”
Ricky Rebel
Glam rocker Ricky Rebel is ready for his second act. The latest solo single from the former frontman of boyband No Authority aims to tear apart the dance floor and with it, all rules of social convention. “Boys and Sometimes Girls” is an explosive anthem on sexual liberation. It could be called this generation’s “I Kissed a Girl”, yet being about the androgynous artist’s interest in both sexes, it takes Katy Perry’s bold proclamation a step further. Once again, Rebel recruits remixing giant Hector Fonseca for the dance version. The resulting track is pure perfection: pulsing, throbbing and thumping in all the best ways.

“Excuse Me B!tch”

Drew G
Every so often, a song comes along that is such a perfect sign of the times, it not only gets clubbers to shake their asses, it changes the shape of the musical landscape. That would describe Drew G’s latest, the ultimate b!tch track. Drew created it as response to a nasty Facebook comment that was made against his “Hands Off” track, a song that sampled Junior Vasquez’s “Get Ur Hands Off My Man”. Instead of getting in the mud with his internet bully, Drew banged out a fresh new track that we can all be thankful for. So go ahead: shake what you got, raise your hand, palm facing out, point it in the face of anyone you know that voted for Trump and relish every deliciously bitchy bone you have in your body.

“Say Yes”

Jason Walker
Mr. TanMan Music
Two-time Grammy nominated dance producer Tony Moran and Out Music Award winner Jason Walker are on a mission to achieve back-to-back #1s with their latest track, “Say Yes”. They landed their first chart topper this summer with “So Happy”. They’re now primed to do it again with yet another explosive club track that artfully blends pop music with exciting dance elements. Written by Tony Moran and Mike Greenly, the most inhibited listener will lose their mind with the super-charged and awe-inspiring vocal performance Walker delivers. The remix package is a who’s who of dance floor royalty including Moto Blanco and Dave Aude. Just try to pick your favorite among them. It’s not possible.