Are you in the mood for something healthy without giving up your next rent check to eat? Then check out Living Green Fresh Market on Commercial Boulevard in Oakland Park.  Just east of Dixie Highway on the North side you will find Living Green Fresh Market in the West Side of the plaza just after the railroad tracks.  Within the walls are amazing fresh food, quality health supplies, and friendly people.


The Living Green Fresh Market offers up some of the best homemade food in the area and feature a wide variety of healthy options for any picky palate. Behind the counter, they offer craft sandwiches such as The Grass-Fed Philly Steak wrap that has feta, Swiss, Red Cabbage, and portabellas that are then panini pressed to perfection.  They also feature such premade sandwiches like:  The Veggie Monster Wrap, Caprece, The Turkey Fly, and Chicken Gordo.  All sandwiches are made with the freshest of ingredients and can be warmed up if you want.


Their deli/salad case features some of the easiest and very creative healthy options around. On any given day there could be a Kale Salad, Mediterranean Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and feta to Broccoli Slaw and Potato Salad.  Within the case you could find fresh grilled chicken breasts available by the pound, bowtie pasta, grilled vegetables or even a Chicken Quesadilla.  Every day is a new culinary adventure with the healthiest ingredients.


Living Green Fresh Market not only has a wide variety of counter food, they also have a fantastic self-serve soup station with six selections each day. Some of their regulars are: Chicken and Rice, Vegan Vegetable, Seafood, and Chili.  The Seafood Soup is not just a few pieces of seafood and a ton of vegetables that you have hunt through—it is literally meat in every ladleful!  If you are stopping in for the Soup Bar do not forget to grab some homemade crostinis that are located above to sop up your stew!  Their Self-Service Bar also can feature such items as pasta, meatballs, chicken, and grilled, baked, or sautéed vegetables—all fresh and charged by weight.  If in an extreme rush check out their Hot Meal Case where you can, for less than $8 pick up a prepackaged dinner such as seasoned baked chicken or fish with brown rice or cous cous with a side of grilled vegetables. In the mood for a salad but do not have time to wait?  Check out their selection in the coolers and see what creation makes you go “Yum!”


If you are looking for healthy deserts then Living Green Fresh Market is the place to see. With a wide selection of crafted sweets you could easily find a new favorite.  They also feature Gluten Free and Vegan options as well.  Thirsty?  They have a fresh juice bar and drink barista on hand to make you any concoction your heart desires—within reason!


The owner is Greek and everything within the walls has a freeness that is not found in larger health food stores and the service is fast and the staff genuinely care about their reputation as much as their products. Whether you come in for lunch, groceries, or a slice of Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie) with a side of Baklava—you will find smiles not only in the service but in the mirror as you’re eating.


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