5 bathroom remodel ideas
Photo: James Dear / Banno Lighting (bannolighting.com)

Image courtesy of James Dear / Banno Lighting

Relaxing in a warm bath may be one of the finest luxuries in life and that experience can be made all the better if you make a few great choices on how to decorate your “throne room.” We have scoured the internet to find some great ideas for that bathroom remodel that you have coming up. Or maybe we can at least spark a few ideas that will get your decorative juices flowing and spur you on to conquer that remodel with no problem!

1. What’s old is new again

According to our friends at AppartmentTherapy.com “Rustic and/or industrial elements are a great way to bring in texture. Other ways to get the look: worn woods, exposed brick, or concrete accents.” Hit up one of the many antique shops around South Florida to look for the perfect vanity.

2. Dimensional Tile

From Haskellinteriors.com “A trend that began in Europe a few years ago, we are now seeing the possibilities of dimensional tile making big waves in the latest designs of bathrooms. Advances in waterjet technology have given tile manufacturers new ways to express themselves and the results are incredible. Whether in natural marble and stone or in a porcelain composition, these fantastic tiles bring drama and style into the bath. In much the same way that wallpaper and fabrics add pattern and visual interest to a room, these dimensional tiles can take a bath from ordinary to extraordinary.”

3. Make storage count

Take advantage of all possible storage space, especially if you have to share the bathroom with others. If there isn’t much built in storage, find practical ways to add it in your bathroom. Ikea offers great shelving options for those budget minded consumers. Consider an old armoire or free standing cabinet for extra storage. Consider open storage options also like standing shelves and shelving for the tub/shower to help reduce clutter.

4. Run for the subway

We aren’t talking about the train in NYC or a sandwich shop, we mean subway tiles. Classic white rectangular subway tiles will never go out of style in your bathroom. Don’t believe me, just turn on any one of those design shows on HGTV and you will see what we mean. Already got subway tiles in your bathroom? Don’t even think of replacing them, unless they are busted and nasty. They add so much character to the space and give it a classic look.

5. Get a bidet

Travel through Europe or Asia and you will quickly realize that your American hiney has been robbed all these years. We need to embrace the bidet as a standard tool in our bathroom ritual, especially when it comes to number two. You may think that a bidet has to be a free standing gadget that looks like a funny shaped toilet, but that’s not the case. Handheld units are also common, they attach right to the toilet and provide easy access to your backside. One of my favorites was built right into the toilet seat and had a control on the side of the commode. It was life changing and will definitely be a fixture when I build a house.