Kalah Mendoza

What was the first drag show you saw and When did you decide you wanted to do drag and when did you realize it would be a profession?
The first show I saw was about 15yrs ago when I went to the most famous club that Puerto Rico had at the moment (Eros).  I saw this drag queen on stage and I immediately knew that it would be my passion to do this form of art. The Drag Queens name was Auntie Nina Flowers. I was very lucky and honored to get the opportunity to start shows at Eros. After that I continued to work in this art until I decided to move to Miami. Once I moved is when I realized that this is more than doing a show and it would become a profession for me.


Who is your drag mother and who is your favorite queen other than your drag mother and why?

It’s funny because I am always asked who my drag mother is. When I first started doing this art I started with an extravagant character (Waka La Foo). The person who helped me in the beginning was my drag mother Kathy LaFontaine. During my steps in this art I inherited a couple of drag mothers (Aunties) Satine D’ Cane, Nina Flowers, and Dixsha Norell. After a couple of years I decided to upgrade my character including a female impersonator which is when Kalah Mendoza was born. The person that helped me achieve this was my Drag Mother Edwin Irizarry and Drag Father Joshuan Aponte.


I would say that my favorite queen was Erika Andrews (Old School) because she was very glamorous and that personified the drag I interpreted. For the new generation it would have to be Bianca Del Rio, because she is not only an entertainer, but also damn funny!


What’s your favorite number to perform and why?

My favorite number would have to be a Latin song by Ana Gabriel “Huelo a Soledad,” because it is a song with a lot of feelings and every time I do this song it reminds me of people that I love a lot that are no longer with us.


What’s the best thing that has happened to you in drag?

The best thing that has happened to me in drag was having the opportunity to be Miss Noche Latina 2015 and having the opportunity to represent myself in the Miss Florida F.I. 2015 pageant and come in 4th runner up and winning best production for talent. I am also so fortunate to continue winning pageants such as Miss Miami Beach Gay Pride 2016 which gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people and feel the love and affection from my LGBT community.


What differentiates you from other Queens (Makes you Unique)?

What makes me unique would have to be charisma and talent because when I am on stage I give it all and make sure that everyone enjoys my numbers to the fullest. I like that I can to not only do a female impersonation, but create an extravaganza or comedian character.


What does the future hold?

I would definitely want to continue doing pageants and become the next Miss Florida F.I which is my dream and my next goal to accomplish. I am always grateful for all the support I get from my fans. I always want my fans to be a part of me and my future plans. I adore you all my Bunnies.


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Why we love her

1) She is equally comfortable doing a dramatic drag number or a fabulous dance number

2) She came and won Miss Noche Latina and Miss Miami Beach Gay Pride on her first try

3) She has that Puerto Rican Flair I love!

4) She has a full time job managing a retail store, works pretty consistently as a performer, has a relationship (We Love Agustin also) and does it all with a smile!