A rose by any other name

Q: Can you recall the first drag show you saw? Tell us about the experience?

A: The first drag show I saw involved the person who would change my life’s trajectory and eventually become my drag mother, the amazing Damien Dee-Vine (now transsexual super star Allanah Starr, who lives in Paris, France). We met in the halls of my college at New World School of the Arts before I was even out. We had the exact same birthday and as scared of myself as I was, I just knew I had to go see her perform. She did “Sweet Transvestite” at Kremlin on South Beach, stomping in sky high Westwood heels, and I knew this was exactly where I was destined to be.

Q: Other than your drag mother, who is favorite queen — and why?

A: Other than Allanah, I love different queens for different reasons. The best “drag show” time of my life was with my favorite entertainers at Voodoo. The great combo of TP Lords — no one compares to her stage presence/and her creativity — and Erika Norell, the glamor goddess. Both captivate on stage like nobody’s business.

Q: What’s your favorite number to perform — and why?

A: I like to keep it current most of the time. As of late I’ve been doing Kellyanne Conway and Gaga’s Super Bowl performance. However, there are some classics I love to keep in the rotation. Thanksgiving is always special.

Q: What’s the best thing that has happened to you in drag.

A: I’ve been fortunate enough, or just old enough [she laughs] to have a few. Being the “champagne girl” at Gianni Versace’s parties at the Legendary Warsaw Ballroom is one. I had the privilege of pouring champagne in Donatella’s, Sylvester Stallone’s and Elton John’s glasses. I also had the pleasure of being on Deco Drive as Queen on the Scene, and of course winning National Entertainer of the Year in 1998, when you [Scott Holland] were kind enough to drive a young dragon cross-country and bring home a crown. Spectacular memory! (Writer’s Note: One of the best memories of my life!)

Q: What differentiates you from other queens? What would you say makes you unique?

A: My ability to find the humor in every situation.

Q: What does the future hold?

A:  I have a “day job” now (for the first time in 24 years.) A friend saw my creative rants on Facebook and needed a writer for adult video site, so I now write the descriptions (not the scripts, the descriptions), the spicy language you see under the scene explaining it. That’s what “sells” it. They liked what I was doing and gave me 8teenboy to write for as well. I love writing and want to keep nourishing that. I also keep a journal of my crazy nights out in drag and hope to turn it into a book/memoir one day.

Why we Love her?

  1. Daisy is one of the most creative Queens I have ever met.
  2. She does live stand up3
  3. She is always there to give back to the community4
  4. As stated earlier, our trip to Louisville, Kentucky for “National Entertainer of the Year” was one of the best memories of my lifetime. We are bonded for life!