“We are pressing ahead with inclusive relationship and sex education in in English schools, making sure that LGBT issues are taught well. We’re determined to eradicate homophobic and transphobic bullying.”

-THERESA MAY, prime minister of the United Kingdom, at that country’s gay Pink News Awards, the first serving prime minister to attend the annual event.

 “Well…I’m in Momma Mia 2.”

-CHER, announcing on Twitter that she has joined the cast of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, which will be released in July 2018. Cher’s biomusical, meanwhile, will make its debut in Chicago in 2018 prior to hitting Broadway.

 “You cannot buy, no matter how much money you have, you can’t buy class. President Obama, whatever you think of his politics, is a very classy man. He’s a smart man. He’s one of the kindest people you want to meet, he and his wife are. I’m not talking about politics – having met them and knowing them, you can’t teach that. I think that’s something the president is jealous about.  He doesn’t have those qualities.”

-DON LEMON, openly gay host of CNN Tonight, referring to President Donald Trump’s behavior.

 “It’s very scary for me to see where the nation as a whole is going. Every day we wake up and, whether it’s women’s rights or LGBTQ rights, we are seeing them either be threatened or stripped away. If we don’t keep the door open and elect people that are like-minded individuals, we can see just how fragile these rights are…”

-Openly gay candidate ERIC ROLLINGS, who is running for the Orange County (Orlando) Commissioner seat in District 3.

“There are people who wish to take immediate advantage of this law when it comes into force and I wish them the best for the future.”

-JAMES DENT, an elected official for the tiny island of Alderney (population of 2000) where same-sex marriage was just legalized.