Broward House, Broward County’s 30 Year HIV/AIDS Service Organization, and the Community AIDS Network (CAN), serving the greater Sarasota area for more than 26 years, are pleased to announce a partnership to expand HIV medical care and wrap-around social services in Broward County.

Broward House and CAN will now provide individuals the opportunity to receive medical care, mental health support, substance abuse treatment, case management and housing in addition to providing testing and prevention programs for HIV, STD’s and Hepatitis C in a collaborative care model.

Broward House CEO, Stacy Hyde states “An HIV diagnosis effects many facets of an individual’s life and the impact of this remains alarming. A partnership with CAN’s specialized HIV medical care and our extensive wrap around services can contribute positively to the overall health of our community.”

Broward County continues to be one of the leading areas nationally for newly infected individuals. Through targeted prevention and education efforts, as well as testing, and working with HIV infected patients to control their viral load and reduce the risk of transmission, the agencies are confident their combined efforts will have a positive impact in access and retention to health care.

“We are excited along with our partner, Broward House to now be serving Broward county to continue our work to provide care and services for those living with HIV, hepatitis C, STDs and other diseases,” stated Richard E. Carlisle, CAN president and CEO.

Broward House and CAN will be announcing services and the opening of locations soon.