Holiday season is in full swing, and between scrambling to find presents for family and friends, booking your travel, and trying to sneak past all the Salvation Army Santas, the holidays can be stressful.   On the radio, Sam Smith and Taylor Swift are hawking their latest albums while every retail shop you walk into is blaring Mariah and all the other yuletide ballads from their loud speakers.  If you need a break from all the inescapable holiday racket and crave something fresh and hi energy to listen to, try some of these gay dance floor-approved gems.

Ricky Rebel

The second single from the glam rocker’s The New Alpha album is a rock ballad about the sanctity of time how it shouldn’t be wasted on arguing and fighting with loved ones.  Inspired by a horrific car accident from when Rebel was a child, where he nearly lost his mother, the song opens with a bell chime and simple guitar riffs in the background and showcases Rebel’s voice in a vulnerable and poignant manner.   The second verse is more instrumentally layered than the first and the tension keeps building, hitting a slight pause in the bridge that leads to an explosive climax.  Rebel says he felt it was important to include “Time” on his album because being a true alpha means having the strength to express feelings of fear and sadness.  He does so beautifully in the song, proving an artist can jump genres while still maintaining his individual artistry.

Emily Perry

Move over Katy, there’s a new Perry in town.  In this, her second dance track, the down under newcomer mixes today’s electronic and acoustic sound with late 80s house to conjure up a feeling of love, power and hi-energy fun.  Produced by Grammy award winning powerhouses The Jackie Boyz, “Boom” is a Bruno Mars inspired club groove with an explosive chorus that will stick with listeners for days.  Like the other Perry, Emily finds power in juicing her libido with the hottest dance-floor beats.  What sets her apart is her songs celebrate girl power in a way that encourages her millennial fans to embrace the fun of young romance.  The Dave Aude mix is a particular standout.

Kendra Erika

After climbing to #6 on the Billboard dance chart this summer, Kendra Erika could’ve written another “Under My Skin” and been complacent in her role as dance floor’s reigning diva. Instead she takes the high road with a brand new song packed with substance and emotion that works both on the dance floor and on the radio.  Once again, Erika unites with Grammy Award winning producer Damon Sharpe, but this time, they create a psychedelically poetic single about taboo love.  The song is Miami in a bottle with a sensuous vibe-y lounge groove, built around a continuous tempo and looming ghost voice that harkens back to early 80’s house music.   New remixes are expected in early 2018.

“Over Me”
Inaya Day and Ultra Nate

What happens when two of clubland’s biggest acts unite on a soulful disco number?  Pure dance floor magic, that’s what.  Inaya Day has been a long-time force in clubs with hits like “Keep Pushin’,” “Movin’ Up,” and “Can’t Stop Dancing.”  Billboard named Ultra Naté’s “Free” as one of their top-ten greatest club songs of all time and Ultra, herself, as the twelfth greatest dance artist of all time.  Despite being a song about lost love, “Over Me” brings the two powerhouse vocalists together for an uplifting, celebratory track that is reminiscent of 70s era disco greats like Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor.  The song is expertly produced by Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper and new mixes by Guy Schieman and Eddie Thomieck will be releasing soon.