Jackie Hoffman in 'Feud'

Jackie Hoffman has been in many Television shows, many movies, and has been on the New York Stage too many times to count. However, it was her Emmy Nominated role as Mamacita in Ryan Murphy’s Emmy Nominated Feud: Bette and Joan that shot her into superstardom. We caught up with Jackie for this exclusive Hotspots interview, as she gears up to perform at the Sunshine Cathedral on Saturday January 20 as part of the Outlandish Comedy Series.


Were you always a ham, even as a kid, or when did the performing bug bite you?

I was a prenatal ham.

What was your first professional/paid gig?

Shootout at the trailblazer saloon at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA.

When did you realize performing would be your career?

I wanted it as long as I can remember. I realized it would be my career when I joined Second City comedy troupe in Chicago.

You have guest appeared on too many TV shows, movies, and theater to mention. Do you have a favorite(s) of each and why?

That’s a good question. Hard to pick one for TV, but I’ll say either The Cosby Show or Dan Aykroyd’s sitcom Soul Man, because the other guest stars were John Goodman and Big Bird.

For movies it’s John Waters’ A Dirty Shame. Watch it and you’ll see why.

For theater I usually say On the Town, but since this is a gay publication so I’ll say Xanadu.

You have also done a lot of voice over work. Is there a favorite character that you do a voice for and why (no pressure, but I love Family Guy)?

Family Guy I said three words! I played Dilbert’s mother on the short lived Dilbert series, and that was my favorite.

Your solo shows at Joe’s Pub used to be a New Yorkers secret gem, but I think Andy Cohen has opened it up to the world. Do you write all the shows yourself?

I write with the help of my director Michael Schiralli. I write the song lyrics myself, and my piano player rights the music. Usually it’s Bobby Peaco who is amazing.

How did you get cast in Feud as Mamacita, and how hard was it to get into character?

I was cast off of an audition tape, and I had worked with Ryan Murphy before so he knew me; once I got into drag and was face to face with Jessica Lange’s Joan Crawford it wasn’t hard to get into character at all.

How amazing was it to work with two legends….Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon?

Beyond amazing but you’ll hear all about that in my show!


Your facial expression at the Emmys when you did not win (I am still in disbelief over) was priceless. Was it planned or was it something you just came up with?


You are currently on Broadway in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. How is that going?

It’s great and I’m working with an awesomely talented company, but its hard work.  There are a lot of kiddies in the audience. I also dish about that plenty in my show.

You are coming to town as part of the Outlandish Comedy Series on January 20, and your show is entitled: Jackie Hoffman: “What Ever Happened to Jackie’s Emmy?” What should the South Florida audiences expect from this show?

Expect to hear stuff you will not hear anywhere else, laugh really hard and be offended!