Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is fast approaching its finale, and after watching the reunion, I am even more certain of who the winner should be. But before I give you my predictions, let’s talk a little about the reunion.

The show started with Ru on stage with all 14 girls. But 14 quickly dwindled down to 13 when The Vixen decided to exit around 20 minutes in. I found this to be very unfortunate since the reunion provided the perfect opportunity for the girl to right her wrongs, but she chose to leave without doing so. Clearly, The Vixen needs to work through some things, and I was hoping the reunion would be the place she would step up and make some amends.

I think all the other girls did successfully hash out their differences. Having interviewed all the Drag Race queens for the past eight years, I know the set can be a total pressure cooker while they’re filming. So, it’s always nice to see the girls patch things up at the end and become a sisterhood.

Ru then polled the eliminated contestants about who they wanted to win. Eureka, Asia, and Aquaria evenly split the votes. Kameron got zip.

So, who do I think is going to win?

Well, let’s just say I agree with the girls: It won’t be Kameron. First, she was in the bottom three for three weeks in a row. Girlfriend is a lip sync fiend, and she still ended up on the chopping block too many times. Also, as became clear during the reunion, she wasn’t showing her true self all season.

Having said that, I think Kameron is a true talent and could easily have a full-time career in drag if she chooses to. Odds of winning: 50 to 1.

Eureka has all the makings of a winner: She came out on top in many challenges, and she showed plenty of heart by coming back after getting hurt. Besides, she’s a plus-size girl, and a queen of size has yet to snatch the crown.

But Eureka also has a couple of strikes against her: She was in the bottom two a couple times, and she hasn’t overcome her demons to always get the last word in. Many of the girls pointed this out over the course of the season — and during the reunion. In other words, although Eureka means well, she’s not loved by all the contestants and isn’t a fan favorite. Can she win? Yes. Will she win? I hope not. I just don’t think she’s the right choice. Odds of winning: 10 to 1.

Asia started out gangbusters, then flagged for a while but has really come on strong in the stretch. A professional queen, she’s snatched numerous titles and is also an extraordinary seamstress. She’s brought it almost every week. Even in the weeks, she didn’t win, Asia was usually a contender. She’s also pretty in drag and well liked. Odds of winning: 5 to 2.

Which brings us to Aquaria… my pick to win. Although she started out with an attitude (can you say 21?), she’s the contestant who’s grown the most, maturing into an adult entertainer along the way. She’s also the only contestant to win three Maxi Challenges. And according to Ru, her flair for fashion places her among the top five contestants ever on Drag Race.

In addition, the three girls on the reunion who picked Aquaria to win cited compelling reasons for her to take the crown. The girls who voted for Asia or Eureka? They all said they were voting that way because they liked them. Aquari’s Instagram following (at press time) is 754K (compare to: Eureka 375K, Asia 252K, Kameron 496K), and her looks are untouchable. Odds of winning: 2 to 1.

As you can see, if it were up to me, Aquaria would be America’s Next Drag Superstar, with Asia a close second. Of course, I am not RuPaul and have no say on who takes the title.

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