With a 25,000-square foot furniture showroom and a team of experienced designers on staff, Modern Miami is uniquely equipped to help you make your interior-design dreams come true. We sat down with Andrew Wisman, Modern Miami’s marketing manager, and Marta Malcevych, one of their interior designers, to find out how they can help you create your dream home (or business!).

Andrew, how long has Modern Miami been in the furniture business?

AW: The company began as a furniture import business in 2012. We’ve worked on a number of multi-unit projects in Miami, and now we have a 25,000-square-foot facility in Hallandale that caters to both commercial and residential customers. We’re working with a number of leading manufacturers in Italy and China that produce top-quality furniture, both for the home and commercial-grade.

Tell me more about your showroom.

AW: Our furniture showroom is one of a kind. We source the most beautiful, modern luxury furniture and home accessories from around the world and make them available at very affordable prices. Our showroom is an interior design paradise. It allows us to focus on your interior design goals, stimulate your imagination, and bring your visions to life today.

Is your furniture affordable or only very high end?

AW: Our tagline is “Affordable luxury warehouse.”

If a customer doesn’t have the interior-design gene, do you have employees that can help?

AW: Our company has a team of professional interior designers with international experience. They bring their keen eye to every project, helping you create a space that connects with your lifestyle. I believe the home should be an extension of you, a canvas for expressing your personality, style, and creativity.

Marta, how long have you been working as a designer at Modern Miami?

MM: I’ve been working for the company for two years. It‘s been an incredible experience.

How do you help your customers create gorgeous interiors?

MM: First of all, South Florida is a unique place with a people of a great variety of different nationalities and a wealth of different tastes. That’s why it’s the most amazing place to work. Everybody dreams of having a perfect home to live in, and we just help a person create a unique place that suits their personality — and it can be from a glam style to midcentury modern to a very minimalistic look.

Modern Miami is known for its custom furniture. Can you design for any space?

MM: Yes! I can design for any space, turning into an environment that connects with your lifestyle and fits your needs. I enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things every day, and I love the relationships I develop with my clients and my vendors.

I have a small budget. Can I still create something unique and sexy?

MM: Definitely! A lot of people think you need millions to create a luxurious interior. But it’s not true. Even with a small budget, say $5,000 to $10,000, you can create a beautiful home. Our company manufactures furniture in China, Italy, and Malaysia. That helps us sell premium-class furniture at very affordable prices.

Plus, if you’re doing a whole project with us, you’ll get a special discount! When a potential client visits our showroom, during our first meeting we will discuss the scope of your project in detail, your budget, and your goals.

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