The last time I saw my friend, Angel Saez (who lived in South Florida for many years before moving to Chicago a few years ago), was in the beginning of October at the Mr. Florida Pageant where he came to support his friends. We chatted, and I told him that when he entered Mr. Gay USofA (in a few weeks) that he had better win, and win he did. I thought it appropriate to not only sit down for an interview with my buddy, but also to have him grace this issues cover to show everyone just how sexy he is!

When did you start entertaining?

I started around 2005/06, and that very first year I won my first pageant: Mr. Eros.   

Who are your mentors in the entertainment world?

I didn’t really have any mentors, but I did have a few female impersonators I looked up to in the entertainment industry. They were and still are: Erica Andrews (May she rest in peace), Erika Norell and Mimi Marks.  

How many pageants have you done?

Hahaha….A few too many.  

What titles do you have besides Mr. Gay USofA?

I am a former: Mr. Eros, Mr. Universo Latino USA, Mr. Mundo Latino USA and Mr. Continental. 

Mr. Gay USofA

How many times did you enter Mr. Gay USofA, and how did it feel when you won?

I entered 3 times. In 2011 I was 3rd runner up. In 2017, I was 1st runner up and thank god in 2018 I won!   

What are your plans for your reign as Mr. Gay USofA?

 I just want to keep being an inspiration for others, and help others to reach their goals. 

I know you are married. How long have you been with your husband, and how did you meet?

Yes I am marred to Eli Mendez. We have been together almost nine years and have been legally married for 2 ½ years.  The first time we laid eyes on each other I was getting my hair cut at a salon where he brought one of his nieces. After that he supposedly send me a “mistake” friend request on Facebook, and we started talking about working out and gym and other stuff. That was the start of my beautiful relationship!

What do you do for fun? 

I like to travel, go to fun parks eat, sleep and spend time with my chosen family! 

What does the future hold for you?

Right now I cannot answer that question as I am focused on my reign, and helping the system anyway I can! However, I hope the future has something greater than what I have had already. Please understand, I have no complaints as I have a great family and a great husband and I love what I do!