Week 8 of All-Stars 4 started out with the girls noticing that the workroom had been made over with pics of Judy Garland. In walks Ru who tells the girls that she calls all her best friends her best Judy’s, and that for the maxi challenge they would be making over all their best Judy’s by putting transforming them to their own drag sister (family resemblance is required). They would also have to choreograph and perform a very special musical performance to and as Judy Garland.

In the end the top two were Naomi and Monet who each won a trip for 2 to Iceland which included a 4 night stay and 1st class airfare, and their best Judy’s each won a $1,000 gift card to Klein, Epstein and Parker. Now let me just say Naomi killed the Lip Synch for Legacy (take note children) and sent Manila home.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Manila once again for this exclusive Hotspots interview.

How has your life changed since you were on Drag Race?

It’s just been getting better and better. I have enjoyed that I have been working off drag since drag race Season 3 and making a pretty decent living. 

What has been some of your favorite cities to visit as a RuPaul Alumni?

My all-time favorite is when I get to go to Manilla in the Philippines. It’s lovely, as they named the city after me…LOL! When I go there it feels like home, even though I wasn’t born there (my mother was). However, I really enjoy going everywhere, even the smallest towns. 

How exciting was it to get called back for All-Stars? Did you consider not coming back, and if so what made you come back?  

It was super exciting, and a nice notch on my belt. I am one of the very few that can say I have been asked to be on all stars more than once. I said yes immediately, as this opportunity doesn’t come very often. 

How did you prepare differently for All-Stars 4 than you did the first two times time you were on the show?

I went balls to walls and contacted all of my favorite designers. I sketched away many ideas as I wanted to impact the runway. I also went shoe shopping non-stop. It was a lot of fun. 


Was it easier to get eliminated with your husband there?

I got married last Christmas. We eloped to Las Vegas. When I had to pack up that suitcase of drag, at least he was there to help me. He is such a great support and I love him for that. 

Has your hubby asked you to put him in drag since?

We did do a photo shoot of us in those same outfits, so I did have to put him back in drag. 

Now that you have been eliminated, who do you want to win and why?

I’m still rooting for my girl Latrice…my right or die. If she can’t win, I think Trinity has a really good chance. 

What’s ahead for Manila?

Well I have a music video dropping today called “Go Fish.” The video has the message that you get dealt a hand and play it the best you can, and don’t forget you can always pick another card. It’s the first single off my upcoming album “Rules,” coming out February 15 on iTunes.

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