In week nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11, the mini challenge was “Reading is Fundamental” as the Library re-opened, and the best “reader” was Brooke Lynn Hytes who won a $2,500 gift card to L.A. Eyeworks.

The maxi challenge was for the girls to flex their comedy improv muscles in LADP (Los Angeles Drag Patrol). This challenge was done in pairs and since Brooke won the mini challenge she got to pair the girls up. Brooke selected Nina (two feuding trailer park neighbors) for herself and paired: Vanessa with Plastique (two queens caught in a catfight…literally), A’keria with Yvie (two twerking queens caught in the act), and Silky with Shuga (two queens accused of buying and selling back alley butt pads).

In the filmed challenge they worked with Fortune Femster and Cheyenne Jackson (who were later guest judges along with the fabulous Natasha Lyonne). The runway look was Face-Kini Fantasy (which is where you only show your eyes and lips) and many of the girls turned it out with very creative and original ideas.

In the end, the winner this week was A’keria, who won two tickets to Cirque Du Soleil Zumanity with airfare and deluxe accommodation in Vegas. The bottom two were Vangie and Plastique with Plastique sashaying away.

At what age did drag become an interest and how did you pick your name?

I started watching Drag Race when I was 17. I would sneak off and try to record it and watch it behind my family’s back. I was amazed with JuJuBee since she was a beautiful Asian drag queen, which is something I was never exposed to growing up in Vietnam. I was really drawn to the show and that’s why I started to drag.

I got my name from My Little Pony because the most beautiful pony’s name was Diamond Tiara. Diamond is used so much in the drag world so I found the first name Plastique, which to my knowledge had never been used.

How many times did you apply to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race? How did it feel when you found out you got chosen?

I only auditioned once, and when I got the call it was a dream come true.

Tell us about your RuPaul’s Drag Race experience?

It was life changing, because not only did I get to share my story with the world, but I have gotten so much feedback that I have helped queer Asian boys and girls. It’s so amazing to be able to do this since I didn’t have this growing up.

Is there something you wish you did different and/or is there a certain look you wish we could have all seen?

No, I don’t regret anything I did on the show. If I didn’t do the things I did, then I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

What’s your marital status?

I am in a relationship with the same guy who came on Untucked.

Who do you want to win?

I feel like it’s anybody’s game at this point. At the time of filming, I was very close with Brooke Lynn who is an amazing queen and an all-around amazing person.

What’s ahead for Plastique?

I feel like I am just trying to tell my story and hope it continues to help. I am here to just conquer the world one format at a time.

Is there anything else you want to say?

I am very grateful for this experience!

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