Whether you’ve been a “Boystown” fan since the series began or you are just experiencing the series for the first time, new Special Editions of the book series are sure to interest you.

“Boystown” author Jake Biondi recently announced that he is releasing three Special Editions of his dramatic book series. Each of the Special Editions will contain three “Boystown” books in a single volume and feature new cover artwork by designer John Logan.

“When I first met with Jake to discuss the new Special Editions, I was excited to take the book designs in a different direction,” said Logan. “I think the abstract and hyper-stylized images perfectly reflect the drama of the series in an artistic and dramatic way.”

 “With nine books in the series and the tenth on the way, I thought now was a good time to put together these Special Editions for long-time fans and people new to the series as well,” Biondi explained. “Releasing one Special Edition a month will be a nice set-up for the release of “Boystown” Season Ten.”

 “Working with John Logan has been an absolute pleasure,” Biondi added. “He is incredibly talented and he completely understands the intrigue of the “Boystown” series. The three special covers he designed are hot. Readers will love them.”

The Special Editions of “Boystown” will only be available in paperback.

The “Boystown” book series continues to maintain an average customer rating of five stars, the highest possible rating on

“Jake Biondi is one of the most masterful writers of fiction of our time,” said Ward of the author. “The “Boystown” saga is told masterfully through several subplots which include unforeseen twists and turns that will leave the reader stunned and speechless.”

Special Edition “Boystown” Volume One (Seasons 1-3) is available now. Special Edition “Boystown” Volume Two (Seasons 4-6) will be available September 1. Special Edition “Boystown” Volume Three (Seasons 7-9) will be available October 1.