The heat is on, amigos, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t keep styling during these summer days. Enter my pick for the best footwear of the season – a pair of fresh white sneakers. Every guy needs a pair of smart, understated sneakers. A pair of stark-white sneakers can make even the most mundane outfit pop.

No matter what you’re wearing or where you’re going, a pair of unfussy white leather kicks are perfect for many occasions: the office, BBQ’s, pool and even cocktail parties. White sneakers will instantly brighten and freshen up your look and won’t conflict with any of the bold colors or graphic prints you like to wear when the weather heats up. They’re definitely a no-brainer choice for footwear all season long.  

Almost everyone has gotten in on the white sneaker action, from traditional labels like Adidas, Reebok and Puma to fashion players Gucci and Balenciaga.  It’s been a constantly growing force in the footwear industry!

Another reason why I love them is that the white sneaker goes beyond just being comfy and is perhaps the most versatile travel shoe around, and not just with casual clothes.

However, no one buys white sneakers thinking they’ll stay bright and grime-free forever, but when the inevitable stains, and scuffs happen, it’s only natural to hope you can restore them to their pristine state. 

How to Clean White Shoes at Home and Keep Your Kicks Looking Fresh?

Dip a wet brush in baking soda and rub gently. 

Wipe with a clean, wet cloth and air dry.

Now that we established that this trend has become a staple in our footwear arsenal, which ones should you shop this season? 

Look to these options ahead.  


Jack Purcell Canvas Low Top



Continental 80 Sneaker 



Heritage Basket classic sneakers



New Ace Sneaker 



Warwick Grained Leather Low-Top Sneakers




$ 495