Dear Andreus,

I am a bisexual man and currently dating a female. I feel that a lot of my gay friends are uncomfortable with my relationship, and are hanging out with me less, and leaving me out of our usual plans. What can I do to keep my friends? 


Marlon S. 

Dear Marlon,

You must have an open and honest conversation with your friends.  Let them know that they are important to you, but your relationship is important to you as well.  Your happiness is paramount, and if these people are truly your friends, they will respect that. You in turn must find a healthy balance between the two, not forgetting to spend one on one time with your friends as well. 

Pixabay / Robin Higgins

Dear Andreus,

I have a boyfriend, and things have been going well. I have introduced him to a lot of my gay friends. I am not out to my straight friends, but since he has become an important part of my life, I want to introduce him to them, but am concerned about how they will react.


Brian P.

Dear Brian,

The only way to know is to do it.  You have no control over how people think and feel, only your own actions.  The people who really love you and consider you their friend will remain in your life regardless.  If anyone has a problem with it and does not wish to be friends with you any longer, let them go. No real friend will stand in judgement of you.  Be happy, be proud and be free!