Adventurist Backpacks / Morgan Stermercopy

Want to be more eco-conscious, but draw the line at eliminating animal products from your diet? Here are seven ways to live a semi-vegan lifestyle without going whole hog.

  1. Skincare

There’s no shortage of vegan skincare products on the market. It’s the category’s most abundant non-edible, even though you can technically eat it – but, ya know, don’t. Favorites include Fork & Melon’s fine cleansing wash and rich hydrating cream with imported French watermelon oil, and daily eye cream from America’s first 100% men’s grooming and skincare brand Act of Being with its fancy-schmancy (and totally smooth) roll-on applicator.;

  1. Nail polish

Make a statement without opening your mouth (don’t want that purse to fall out) when you paint on chip-resistant, quick-drying, high-shine ella+mila cruelty-free, vegan nail polish available in more than 140 color shades.

  1. Hygiene

Crystal Mineral deodorant sticks and stones (comprised of only one odor-preventing ingredient – pure mineral salt) allow you to raise your pits with PRIDE while Sprinjene’s vegan, kosher, gluten-free, halal toothpaste leave your chompers beaming with it.;

  1. Backpacks

Wanderlust with a clear conscience when you stack your rations into Fjallraven’s Re-Kanken backpack, constructed of vegan polyester made from recycled water bottles and available in a rainbow of colors, or the all-weather Safari backpack from Adventurist Backpack Co. (a lesbian-owned business), each sale of which provides 25 meals to families in need across the U.S.;

  1. Bamboo straws

Now that we’ve all ditched single-use plastic straws (you’re welcome, turtles) and turned to alternatives, it’s time to make this choice: theotherstraw bamboo straws hold up where paper crumbles and is easier on your pearly whites than unforgiving stainless steel.

  1. Hiking shoes

Eco-fashion isn’t generally associated with on-trend style – sorry, vegans, its true – but Boulder, Colorado-based Lems changed that with its selection of vegan hiking shoes, like the Trailhead V2 and Mesa. The shoes’ mesh keeps feet aired-out and fresh while their natural foot shape keeps your dogs from barking on a lengthy roundtrip trail.

  1. Faux fur jacket

Velu’s faux fur reversible vegan jackets, particularly the Instagram-worthy Mac Daddy collection, lets you cruise the streets like a beast without killing any to keep you warm.