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When I went to the library recently there was a black man, maybe in his 30s, standing outside collecting signatures. Being civic-minded and nosey, I approached him to see what the signatures were for.

Im running for Congress and I am collecting signatures to get on the ballot,he said.

Ah,I said. I see. Are you a Democrat?

No,he replied. Im a Republican.

I waited a beat, expecting him to say he was kidding. Seriously?I asked.

Yes,he said, smiling. A lot of people are asking me if Im joking for some reason.

For some reason, huh? Whatever could that reason be?

Now, sure, this is a lesson about how we shouldnt make assumptions based on stereotypes. We shouldnt. I did and I was incorrect.

But also, Im not surprised a lot of people were asking him if he was kidding. A young black man running as a Republican? Especially now, during the reign of Trump, a racist who Republicans are holding up as an infallible God?

Look, I understand the argument that in order for the Republican Party to stop being a non-stop racist/sexist/homophobic/misogynist/Islamaphobic horror show where everybody dies but the super rich, they need people working for change on the inside. Its the whole big tentphilosophy. It makes sense in theory. In practice? Well, look at the Republican Party today. The proof is in the pudding that poor people cant have pudding because if they wanted pudding they should have worked harder and have had a daddy who would have given them a million dollars as a small loan.

Which brings us to the Log Cabin Republicans. Ugh. If the Republican Party wasnt literally trying to dismantle any gains LGBTQ people have made and thats not to mention their rampant racism, voter suppression and inhumane treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers then it might actually be kind of pitiful how Log Cabin Republicans keep begging their party for love and acceptance. But considering how high the stakes are, its actually kind of frightening.


Recently, LCR asked members of the State Republican Executive Committee to let them have a booth at the Texas GOP Convention, something for which theyve applied for at least 20 years without success,according to the Houston Chronicle.

State party officials said, No. Homo.

Which surely made Steven Hotze, the CEO of the Conservative Republicans of Texas, very pleased.

Hotze, called a Republican kingmakerby LGBTQ Nation, has a long reputation as a foe of LGBTQ people in Texas.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Hotze sent emails calling on the State Republican Executive Committee to reject LCR.

The Log Cabin Republicans should not be accepted as an auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas, because they are part of the radical, homosexual political movement,Hotze wrote.

And just what do those radical homos want?

The homosexual political movement wants minority status to be granted to individuals based upon their immoral and perverted sexual proclivities,Hotze wrote, and they want to teach children in the public schools that transgenderism and other perverted sexual activities are acceptable and laudable.

Do LGBTQ people want civil rights and also to be protected from discrimination? Yeah. Is it because were perverted? No. Do we think that transgender people should also be treated like the human beings they are, especially trans youth who face so much ugliness and hatred? Yes. Again, sans the pervert stuff.

In case he hadnt convinced his reader that LGBTQ people are evil, he wrote, The radical, ungodly homosexual political movement is seeking to create moral anarchy and insanity in our society.

Whew, thats a lot and it sounds EXHAUSTING. But quite a take that WE are the ones creating moral anarchy and insanity from a guy whose party literally just told the president that he can crime all he wants because laws are for suckers.

But dont worry. Hotze may talk a big game, but what he really wants is to save us from ourselves.

He says we need to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those individuals who are entrapped in this sin, so that they may repent.

In other words, the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas are welcome as part of the Republican Party of Texas just as soon as they pray to Jesus to forgive them for being such disgusting perverts and to make them heterosexual cowboys.

Of course, there is the Democrats, a party that accepts LGBTQ and advocates for their civil rights. But also a party that wants everyone to have health care and a living wage and for some people its woah, woah, woah, thats going too far. Ill stick with the party that literally hates me.