Some might consider those loose pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters annoying, but money is money. Save it for a month and see what you can do. Here are a few ideas. 

  1. Treat your bestie to lunch

Call that queen whos always willing to lend a hand like when you needed help moving into your exs apartment (and then out of it six weeks later) and treat her to a casual lunch to say thanks for being a friend.  

  1. Pay off a small debt

We all have that one little debt like a library fine or dry cleaning bill that we keep putting off for no reason at all. Round up your change and purge this expense from your life once and for all. 

  1. Pay for the person behind you

Once in a while we hear a news story about how a Good Samaritan bought a cup of coffee or paid the toll for the person in line behind them and the good deed sparks a trend. Today that random act of kindness can start with you using the change youve saved.

  1. Update yourself professionally

Does your resume need updating? Could you use a new look for an interview? Give yourself a better shot at getting the job by spending your change savings on items that will enhance your professional persona.  

  1. Fill up your gas tank

We all have somewhere to go. Instead of taking it out of your regular monthly budget, pay for your fill-up with the shiny stuff. Roll the coins first though; nobody has time to count $30 worth of loose change at the counter.

  1. Trade it in for a gift card at Coinstar

Did you know that if you let Coinstar count your change that you can trade it in for no-fee eGift Cards from one of its participating partners? Its true. Find a Coinstar location near you.

  1. Turn it into donations to a local shelter

Food banks, childrens homes and domestic violence shelters in your area are always in need of supplies. Call your local organization, determine their needs and turn your change into a helping hand.

  1. Support your local LGBTQ center

Local LGBTQ centers dont receive much funding many are struggling to stay open at all so do your part for our community to keep resources available.

  1. Stock up on household supplies

One of lifes greatest tragedies is running out of toilet paper and having no reserves in the closet. Keep it clean by stocking up on bathroom and household essentials with your end-of-the-month change savings so youre never left in the lurch.

  1. Throw it in a jug for long-term savings

At the end of the month, take all your change and transfer it to a large jug for safe keeping while you save for a loftier goal, like a vacation. Empty water-cooler jugs especially those with small mouth openings (so you cant easily cheat and dip into your stash!) are great for this purpose. 

  1. Take it to the casino

Hey, ya never know.


Mikey Rox is an award-winning journalist and LGBT lifestyle expert whose work has been published in more than 100 outlets across the world. He currently lives in his van, saving money and traveling the country. Connect with Mikey on Instagram @mikeyroxtravels