Think back to that flash of a moment in 2017s live-action remake of Disneys Beauty and the 

Beast, the one where it seemed that Gastons (Luke Evans) sidekick LeFou (Josh Gad) was, in effect, coming out as gay. We call it a flash because if you blinked you missed it that is, if you dont count the constant thread of LeFou having a wild crush on Gaston – but thats another complaint for another day. Its canon now: LeFou is gay (but keep up, Gad is heterosexual and Evans is the gay actor, just for the record). Now that you have all that background you can know that Disney+ is developing a six-part prequel series about the two characters and how they came to be such a villainous team. Itll also be musical, with songs from veteran _Beauty_ composer Alan Menken. And were just telling Disney now, because well all be watching from the social-distancing comfort of our homes and paying very close attention that LeFou better stay very, very, very gay or there will be a riot.


The Baby-Sitters Club comes to Netflix


Kidsliterature is no stranger to independent-minded tomboy characters created by talented and thoughtful lesbian authors, such as _Harriet The Spy_ by Louise Fitzhugh and _The Baby-Sitters Club_ by Ann M. Martin. But unlike Harriet, whose adventures spanned just two novels, _The Baby-Sitters Club_ became an enduring series throughout the 80s and 90s, with a feature film version in 1995. And now comes a series from Netflix same name, naturally that will bring the girls up to date for a new generation. The four mains are all relative newcomers: Sophie Grace as Kristy, Shay Rudolph as Stacey, Malia Baker as Mary-Anne, and Momona Tamada as Claudia, with Alicia Silverstone and Mark Feuerstein providing grown-up support. Theres no drop date yet, but thats Netflix for you. And while youre waiting, there are quite literally a couple hundred books in this series, waiting to satisfy your childhood nostalgia urge.


American Gigolo calling for Showtime


Feeling a sense of deja-vu? Well, its because _American Gigolo_, the stylish 1980 male escort drama starring Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton, keeps promising to become a TV series and then justnot. In its day, the film was obsessed over for its fashionable details, as well as for its strange straddling of queer panic and queer pleasure, all while objectifying its occasionally nude star. But now comes another chance of resurrection at Showtime, where Jon Bernthal (_Ford v Ferrari_) will star as the sex worker who was framed for murder. David Hollander (_Ray Donovan_) is penning the script that updates the story to present day (and yet set only 18 years after the original story, so good luck keeping your mind wrapped around that), as the older, wiser Gigolo struggles to find his way in the modern sex industry of Los Angeles, all while trying to sort out the truth about who framed him so many years ago. Were not holding our breath for this one because we were promised it before, but now that Showtimes delightfully trashy reality series _Gigolos_ is no more, theres a vacant space in our hearts waiting for a hero.


Joel Kim Booster’s  Trip to Quibi

Actor and stand up comic Joel Kim Booster (_The Other Two_, which he co-produces) is taking his new project to Quibi, the streaming platform for short-form series. It’s called _Trip_, and he’ll write, produce and star in it, a mini-sitcom about two gay friends on vacation in Fire Island. The twist here is that _Trip_, while ostensibly about gays doing typical gay things in a gay place, is inspired by Jane Austen’s _Pride and Prejudice_ (can’t wait to see who the Mr. Darcy turns out to be). This will mark Booster’s debut as a series creator, and we’re looking forward to seeing how much of his stand-up material – which sometimes involves discussions of his religious upbringing and always includes details of his life as a gay, Asian man – will make it into the final product. No matter what, it’s a trip we’re ready to take.