Maq Attack

Singer Jay Maq is Back with “No Love”

Jay Maq grew up the son of a preacher man in the Deep South. He recalls his childhood being on constant loop between church and school.   He came out to his parents at 14 and upon hearing the news, his mother punched him in the chest. The next day at church she cried on the altar during prayer.  A young Jay feared his mother would stop loving him or maybe even kick him out on the street but she didn’t. Today, she is one of the biggest supporters of his music. 


A majority of the topics Jay Maq explores in his songs have to do with love and the journey to finding it.   That includes the longing for love, healing after being cheated on and the conflict of falling in love with people who are unavailable.   His latest, “No Love,” is a chilled island, dancehall track that cautions listeners to stop chasing after people who don’t give you the love that you deserve.  We spoke with sexy young singer from his home in Los Angeles.

We remember you from EchoV, the world’s first all-gay boy band!  What happened to the group? 

Jay Maq:   I left to focus on getting different parts of my life in order. There are so many challenges with being an independent artist and I had to take a step back. 


“No Love” is the first single off of your new album.  Would you call it an un-love song?

Jay Maq:   The song talks about situations I have found myself in.  Things like chasing after someone when the person was not interested or simply jumping into a relationship because I didn’t want to be alone. 


You acknowledge that you have made mistakes in relationships.

Jay Maq:   I’ve definitely treated lovers poorly. 


How so?

Jay Maq:   There was this guy I messed around with one summer that wanted to try dating. I turned him down because I was still healing from the trauma of an abusive relationship. He was heartbroken and it was sad because our chemistry was amazing. I ran into him years later and he seemed jaded and I felt responsible.  


Are you willing to share more about the abusive relationship?

Jay Maq:   I was in a physically and mentally abusive relationship. I met the guy online and things were normal at first. He was fun, bubbly, and frank, which are qualities I appreciate in a guy.  About a month into our relationship, he began having housing issues. I allowed him to move into my place and within three weeks, shit started to hit the fan. He hated all of my friends. If I went out and did not respond to his calls, he would threaten to destroy my stuff or even kill himself. He took pills once and had to be rushed to the ER. I left him there and moved all of his stuff out. But like a fool, I allowed him back in and it was nine months of hell that didn’t end until he was arrested for threatening one of my friends with a weapon. 


That sounds like a mistake you make only once.

Jay Maq:   Love is complicated and truly subjective and ever changing. In relationships now, I’m always evaluating my needs. I ask myself: What am I happy with? What is not being fulfilled?  Whose job is it to provide what I need? What am I insecure about and why? It helps keep me in line.


What’s your ultimate message with “No Love”? 

Jay Maq:   Do not let yourself get tangled up in love knots with people that are not ready when you are not ready, and don’t force situations that are not meant to be. 


What is your current situation?  

Jay Maq:   I’m partnered and thankful.  We make an amazing team.


What’s your favorite way to relax and chill?
Jay Maq:   I love going to the gym, meditating, roller blading in Venice, playing with my dog, listening to music, cooking something new, and spending time with friends.  Due to quarantine, I’ve fallen in love with Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch. My partner got it for me and I can’t put it down. 


What is your guiltiest pleasure? 

Jay Maq:   Sweets! Cake, cookies, chocolate, pies… you name it!  As long as it’s vegan, I’m here for it. 


What makes you smile? 

Jay Maq:   When I hear a new track and come up with a line that I can’t get out of my head. 


If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be? 

Jay Maq:   I don’t think I’d really want to switch lives with anyone. Instead I’d like to spend a week with Missy Elliot. From the outside looking in, Missy carries herself with this confidence, passion, and drive that shakes the industry whenever something is released. She also seems to just have the game on lock as an artist and business women. When I grow up, I wanna be like Miss.


Jay Maq’s “No Love” featuring Macc is being distributed through Distrokid and is available on all digital platforms. Follow Jay Maq on Instagram and Facebook @ jaymaqmusiq.