Mass Branded and Eliad Cohen Collaborate

On a Athleisure Capsule Collection

Massbranded, the high-end men’s streetwear label that pushes boundaries, revs style engines and leaves nothing—and everything—to the imagination, is announcing its collaboration with the world-renowned Israeli party producer, actor and model, Eliad Cohen, on a brand-new athleisure capsule collection for the urban man on the go.  Massbranded For Eliad Cohen is out now with seven new styles that can be worn to-and-from the gym, for casual nights out, while traveling, and on the dance floors.  Inspiration for the collection was drawn from the military backgrounds of both Cohen, who served three years of army service in the Israel Defense Forces, and Massbranded designer Mass Luciano, who grew up in a military family.  “We wanted the styles in the collection to feel like the uniforms used for physical training during military exercises, drills and off-duty time,” Mass Luciano explains. 

Mass – What made Eliad the perfect choice to collaborate with? 

I think Eliad represents the ideal of masculinity, especially in the gay community. However, what I really like about him is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He always does a fun take on being masculine and being over the top, its shows a different way of being a man. You don’t have to be so masculine all the time, but rather be true to yourself. This is what our brand is known for. 


Eliad – Why was it a good collaboration for you? 

I moved to LA 2 years ago and I passed by the store and I fell in love with the collection and how it fit the body. Then the owner (Mass) contacted me, and I was super excited to work with him. This type of clothes is something I always use, so this collaboration is perfect. 


Once the two of you decided that it was a good fit, what was the first step? 

Mass – The first step was deciding on the theme and what the story of the capsule collection would be.  Since we both have a military background (I am an army brat and Eliad was in the Israeli Military), we decided we would gear the collection in that direction, which is a little more casual than the Mass branded collection; like an off duty uniform. Then I did sketches for Eliad and when he approved them I had samples made. I then flew to London to meet with Eliad and he made his changes and that’s how the collection came to light. 


How long did it take to complete the collection? 

It took a little over a year from when we first started talking.  We were supposed to release in April, but due to Corona we delayed a few months. 


Describe the collection to me?

Mass – Versatile and easy to wear for any occasion where being casual doesn’t have to mean to dress down. 

Eliad – You can look good and still be super comfortable, with showing your body. 

What makes it different from other collections on the market today? 

Mass – I think what makes it different is the attention to detail that we put on the fit. It makes the body look more athletic. For example, the vertical lines on the wait makes you look thinner. 

Eliad – We also added zippers to all the pants and shirts so that you can store your stuff safely. 

Is the collection affordable?

Mass – I think so, our Tank tops starts at $69 and the most expensive piece in the collection is $189. For these price points, you are getting superior quality. 


Are the two of you going to work together in the future? If so what should we expect?

Mass – I hope so. We just launched this collection not even 2 weeks ago and we are getting a pretty good response. I think we should add swimwear to compliment the styles. 

Eliad – We only started with 7 items to see the reaction, and we have gotten a great reaction, so I am sure we will add more to our collection.

What’s does the future hold for Mass Branded?

I am working on the new collection for 2021. I am looking at what space travel would look like using high technology. I am hoping to get it right for next year. 


What’s does the future hold for Papa Party and you Eliad? 

This year we are not doing parties due to Corona, but next year we are planning on coming back bigger and better. I am sure people are going to be ready to come out and party in 2021, and we are planning on giving them events to blow their minds. 

Massbranded for Eliad Cohen is available exclusively at

Eliad Cohen and Mass Luciano met in London to design the collection.  “It was important that each piece stood out in a way that appeared effortless, casual, sexy and cool,” Mass Luciano continues. 

“And that every piece seamlessly combined my personality, passion for fitness and way of life,” says Cohen, adding that he couldn’t be happier with the final result. “The collection is so comfortable.  I’m wearing it everywhere.”

Items in the MASSBRANDED FOR ELIAD COHEN capsule include the Reach Zip Up Hoodie and Track Pants (notable for their zippered side pockets, rib knit cuffs and mesh drawstring cords); the Renegade Sweatshirt and Shorts (featuring reflective tape at the sides that add a flashy flare to the pieces);  the Shuttle Short (crafted from perforated neoprene with piping side details that flash when light hits them); and the Flex T-Shirt and Short (featuring black perforated neoprene panels with grey/tan taping details that reshape a man’s body to its maximum form.) 

All MASSBRANDED FOR ELIAD COHEN pieces are designed to be worn as sets, as a player would with a uniform, but they can be worn separately as well.

With over fifteen years of experience in the fashion industry, Puerto-Rico-born Mass Luciano studied at the Fashion Institute of Design in Los Angeles and has worked with international brands including Guess, Rock & Republic by Victoria Beckham and Lee Jeans. His rise to fame began in 2015 when he competed for and won the titles of initially, Mr. Gay Hong Kong and ultimately, Mr. Gay World. The accomplishment inspired him to launch his energetic namesake streetwear label, MASSBRANDED.

Eliad Cohen is an Israeli producer, actor, model and entrepreneur.  He has appeared on several magazine covers, including G Magazine, Dear Magazine and the Spartacus International Gay Guide.  He is also founder of PAPA PARTY, an international brand with a presence in more than thirty countries in Europe, North and South America and Australia.


MASSBRANDED FOR ELIAD COHEN is available now at  Follow on Instagram @mass_branded