RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 5

Interviews with the top 3 Queens

Winner: Shea Coulee


The final episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 5 starts out with the eliminated contestants sneaking back into the work room and hiding behind a wall. Then the top 3 come in, unaware that the other 7 are there. After a few minutes they burst out to surprise thee top 3, and then RuPaul walks in, and explains she didn’t want anything unsaid and the 7 eliminated contestants are here to back the top 3 in the final lap of the competition. She then explains that for the final maxi challenge the top 3 will collaborate on Ru’s latest song “Clap Back.” First they will write and record their own solo verse and then they will work with the talented Todrick Hall to create, what better be, the best damn production number in Drag Race Herstory. In addition, each of them will be Ru’s special guest in her podcast “What’s The Tea.” For the grand finale, the only lip sync assassins will be the top 3, and the winner of the lip sync for the legacy will slay her way into the Drag Race Hall of Fame. Ru then says its anybody’s game to win so don’t F*ck it up. 


Afterwards the girls all talk and all the drama of the season comes out. They then get ready for the final main stage. 


On the runway, the judges are the family (Michelle, Carson, Ross and Todrick). Then the production of Clap Back starts, and all 3 are amazing. On the runway the category is “All Star Eleganza,” and all 10 of the girls work the runway.  Its so good, that Carson says “this is the best runway ever!”


Before the Lip Sync for their legacy there is a video message from Trinity and Monet. Then Ru does not pick a top 2 for the Lip Sync and wants all 3 of them to Lip Sync for the crown. All 3 of them bring a different feel to the Lip Sync, but they all kill it. 


In the end, Ru Picks Shea Coulee as the winner of All-Stars 5. It was a pleasure to sit down with all 3 of the finalists, the day before the finale aired for this Hotspots exclusive interview!


How has your life changed since you were on Drag Race?

Miz – I have seen 15 countries, as I have traveled around the world. 


JuJu – Gosh, it’s changed so much: it changed the course of what I have dreamed of and allowed me to travel the world and meet amazing people. I am now able to make the art I want to make, and its led to here. I need to thank RuPaul and WOW for providing this amazing opportunity.  


Shea – I mean life has changed in so many ways. I went from being a local entertainer to a global one, and it afforded me the opportunity and my drag to change in so many ways. 


What has been some of your favorite cities to visit as a RuPaul Alumni?

Miz – Lisbon, Champagne Illinois, Minneapolis Minnesota, and London England. 


JuJu – Seattle has to be at the top of my list as I love the energy, the people and its beautiful. I also enjoyed all of the UK, as I love the culture and architecture. In addition, my home town of Boston will always be special to me.  


Shea – I would have to say London, Amsterdam, and Glasgow. They presented some really good times.


How exciting was it to get called back for All Stars? 

Miz -Well I always say Ru Paul is like your bladder in your thirties, when she calls, you answer. 


JuJu – Honestly, I was pretty shocked, because I thought I already had my chance. 


Shea – It was really exciting, as I was hoping to have the opportunity to come back and show what I have learned since season 9. 


How hard was it to keep the secret that you are on all stars?

Miz – Impossible, because somehow everything leaks. 


JuJu – It was very hard, but we had such a strong group, and the all-stars 5 text chain, so we could talk amongst ourselves. 


Shea – It was not hard, because there are so many other things that were going on career wise for me, and then also 2020 was a great distraction for people inquiring. 


How did you prepare differently for all-stars than you did the first time you were on the show?

Miz – I relaxed and had faith in myself. 


JuJu – This time around I went in a lot more relaxed and with the mindset of winning. We are all great friends, so I looked at it as a game of chess. 


Shea – I had a lot of help this time. For season 9 it was just 3 people getting me ready as I had no money. This time I have met so many people over the years that I had a larger support system so I was able to come prepared for all stars. 


Now that’s its over is there anything you would have done different? 

Miz – Yes, doing the show…LOL! And, I would have put foundation on my chest. 


JuJu – Absolutely not. I try not to look in hindsight, as it doesn’t work for me…I’m happy! 


Shea – I probably wouldn’t have voted for Mariah on episode 3. 


In the beginning did you expect to be in the top 3, and if so who did you think would be there with you? 

Miz – I was not sure if I would make the top 3, but I am not surprised by the other girls at all. 


JuJu – You know I visualized exactly this. It just felt right. There was an energy that was happy and strong between the 3 of us. 


Shea – I’m not going to lie; I went to all-stars to make it all the way. I pretty much already pegged that this would be the top 3, as we are all multi-faceted and very different and represent different parts of drag. 


If you can’t win, who would you want to win?

Miz – I would want Shea to win as I have admired her for a long time. 


JuJu – I feel like this is the top 3 that is probably going to be the hardest to choose from. Shea is really strong and very helpful, and Miz Cracker is funny AF and her comedy allows you to dive into her authentic side. You can’t make you choose! 


Shea – That doesn’t work for my fantasy. However, if you are forcing me to choose, JuJubee was the first RuPaul girl I was a fan girl of, and getting the chance to know her inspires me. In addition, she represents so many amazing thigs about drag, and I think she would be great. 


If you do win, what are you going to do with the $100,000?

Miz – Prove that comedy can make real change in the world. 


JuJu – I have not thought about the money part, my eyes have been on the crown and I really want to say my name is in the Drag Race Hall Of Fame. 


Shea – I would take 10,000 and dedicate it to Black Lives Matter, to help my community. I would then take another 10,000 and open a high yielding savings account, and the other 80,000 I would use for a down payment on a house. Clearly, I haven’t thought about it at all…LOL! 


Are you single or taken? 

Miz – Abstain


JuJu – single, emotionally un-available. I am kind of dating myself.


Shea – Taken, I have been with my boyfriend Dan for 4 years.


What’s Ahead for You? 

Miz – Two weeks upstate at an artist residence where I will be gardening. 


JuJu – I have been working on music and just released my second EP on Tuesday, and at one point it was number! I want to keep singing and keep doing drag! 


Shea – Well I have been working on a pilot that I am really excited about, and I am hoping it gets picked up as the story and character are amazing. The fans will get to see a different side of me, other than drag. I am also working on a solo tour and more singles to go with the tour. I am ready for my one woman dominating tour and present an experience that the fans will remember for a long time. 


Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you want to talk about? 

Miz – I will reemphasize that I don’t think comedy or drag is a distraction, as they can both make change in a world that needs change very badly. 


JuJu – Iwant the world to know the amount of love there is in the workroom. In addition, its amazing how passionate the fans are to us. We all have our favorites, but  I think we should continue to spread love. 


Shea – Not that I can think of, just #TeamShea. 


Directly following her win Shea said: “Firstly, I would like to take this moment to express my sincerest gratitude to RuPaul, World of Wonder, VH1, and the countless others who have contributed to bringing All Stars into living rooms all around the world. I am beyond honored and blessed to be bestowed such a life changing opportunity as the FIRST winner from Chicago and promise to carry the title with the utmost dignity, integrity, and respect. This show changed my life when I felt hopeless and provided me with a dream and goal that has spanned nearly a decade. Looking back from this side of the finish line, I reflect on the countless people who have helped me get here. To my family, friends, and most importantly my partner in crime Dan, I love you. Thank you to everyone who has believed in me. Thanks for being part of my dream.”


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