Nick Stracener Wants You to Have “Fun Tonight”

He’s giving away his remix of Lady Gaga’s hit track for free!

Nick Stracener’s unique sound is best described as a combination of indigenous rhythms, high energy beats with lots of sultry uplifting, female vocals.  To him, dance music is therapy and a way to escape life’s biggest hurdles.  It’s why he was particularly drawn to Lagy Gaga’s “Fun Tonight,” a song about Gaga wrote about realizing the dissolution of her relationship, and how her mental health and experiences with fame also affect her love life.

How does Lady Gaga’s “Fun Tonight” speak to you and your story?

When the song first came out, I was going through many of the same feelings Gaga sings about in the song.  She speaks about not being able to see straight or really even know who she is anymore because of all the struggles and pain from her relationship, and having just gone through a break-up, I can relate 100 percent.  The song’s lyrics really connected with me like no other song has before because I know exactly what she means by her lyrics, “I’m not having fun tonight”.


Gaga has not been shy on speaking out about her mental health. 

I think that’s probably the most admirable thing about Lady Gaga: her outspokenness on mental health, as it is still such a stigma. We need more celebrities and people with platforms to open up about it.  Mental health struggles are nothing to be ashamed of.  Severe depression and anxiety are hidden diseases and I have found, the best way to fight them is to get them out in the open. 


How did you approach the song with your remix? 

I wanted a track that would provide a very sweet and tender moment in the middle of a set where guys dancing on the dancefloor can turn to whoever they’re next to, wrap their arms around them and give them a big hug.


Will you be remixing any other singles from her album?
I have remixed Lady Gaga’s, “Rain On Me,” but that’ll probably be it. I’d like to do a throwback song next, maybe some Whitney or Tina Turner.


What do you think of Kygo remaking of Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”
It’s brilliant! Kygo is an artist that has really brought electronic music more mainstream and that’s great because electronic music is a gift.


What’s your definition of Fun Tonight?
When the sun goes down, I can appreciate a good circuit party. I love to dance and also watch others dancing from the sidelines. I can be a bit shy and introverted at times. I’m what they call an ambivert, someone who possesses both extrovert and introvert qualities.  So if you see my alone on in the club, come on by.  I promise I don’t bite.


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