Let This Be Your Summer of Greatness

Undeniably, 2020 will go down on record as one of the most challenging years ever! With the threats of the ever-present corona virus, a teetering economy, job uncertainty, and political unrest, it’s no wonder you’re losing sleep and feeling depressed. If ever there was a time you need to take care of your health and focus upon your workouts, it’s now! Whether you’re working out at home, or safely taking the necessary precautions and exercising at one of our South Florida gyms, here are a few concepts that are sure to liven up your fitness regime.

If your circumstances afford you more spare time this summer, why not be flexible and try working out at different times of the day? The whole character and feel of a health club can change depending upon the time of day, different clientele, personnel, and trainers available. If you’re working out solo, just jump out of bed a few minutes early and go for it! Especially if you’re feeling down, try working out in the morning to jump-start your metabolism and lift your mood. Just remember, if you’re going to a public gym, pack your mask and hand sanitizer. 

Try seeking out an expert’s opinion. Ideally, if you’ve got a few bucks, hire a personal trainer for some sessions in order to learn new routines and approaches to your fitness program. Make sure he/she is certified and experienced enough to help you make progress. A workout partner is also an asset provided he/she is dedicated, on time and shares the same goals with you.

Take some time out for research. Everyone from doctors and lawyers to trainers and massage therapists must earn continuing education units to update their knowledge and expertise. Anything important to you deserves time, attention, and a fresh new perspective. This is true about working out. Research new routines, exercises, programs, supplements, etc. that can help you out of your rut and achieve the gains you desire.

Vary your routine. Try supersets where you work two opposing muscle groups, (like chest and back, biceps and triceps, quadriceps and hamstrings). Try drop sets where you start with a heavyweight, work to failure, cut the weight in half and then go to failure again (a workout partner or trainer is recommended here). Interval training is great because it combines moderate weight training exercises interspersed with explosive blasts of cardio. Combine systems by using a variety of barbells, dumbbells, cables, etc.

Take a vacation. Yes, sometimes what you really need is a break from the gym. After a while, the clanking of the weights, the head-banging music, and the constant chatter can wear on your last nerve. If you’ve been overtraining in the past, your muscles will welcome the break. Resting from training allows recuperation and causes the muscles to grow. Just remember to stay active for your break by walking, swimming, hiking, tennis, or any other leisure activity.