A New Choice for Queer Content is Born

Happi TV Hopes to Bring Solace to LGBTQ+ in These Troubled Times. 


A brand-new streaming app and website serving LGBTQ+ community launches today with the purpose of filling the void this underrepresented group has in the current media marketplace.


Happi TV offers a wide variety of films and TV geared towards queer audiences, with special emphasis on products made by their own members of the community. “Even though the main streamers have LGBTQ+ sections, none of them are particularly invested in making this content a priority. We believe audiences will benefit from having a go-to destination in which they’ll find both entertainment, representation and a sense of belonging” said Daniel Bort, founder of Happi TV.


The brand will also focus on showcasing short-form content made by a curated selection of out and proud members of the community. Genres will range from the usual comedy and music format’s stints to new offerings on travel, cooking, home improvement, and celebrity interviews.


“Formats focusing on the ‘gay angle’ have been extremely popular on mainstream television. We hope to bring a whole new perspective to tried-and-true formulas that elevate the profile of the community and are incredibly entertaining”, said Daniel Berilla, VP of marketing.


The company has secured the participation of several iconic queer players as content providers, such as Sherry Vine and Buck Angel. “Our goal is to bring as many pillars of the community as we possibly can. Creating a safe haven for our members will make us a viable choice for advertisers. We hope they take notice and increase their investment in the LGBTQ+ market, which is recognized as one of the smartest bets in the current marketplace. Its good business for everybody,” said Bort.


The company hopes to offer a valuable service for North American audiences, with a unique experience for viewers throughout the pandemic and beyond. “More than ever, we need choices that provide a source of entertainment to audiences confined and isolated. Our goal is to bring solace to these challenging times by offering content that will uplift our viewers’ spirits,” said Berilla. 


The service will launch in The United States and Canada, with an international rollout planned in the near future. “America is leading the way in the marketing and monetization of the digital marketplace. We plan to slowly expand to other key territories as soon as possible. We want to serve our audiences thoroughly”, said Bort. 


Happi TV will be available in all the major app platforms in North America. It will follow an advertising video on demand (AVOD) model, offering free content to viewers that prefer to watch ads over a monthly subscription. It will also offer a linear channel option made available through digital streaming platforms in the territory.