Beat Box

Winter’s Hottest Tracks


Baby, it’s cold outside. Well, maybe not so much in Florida but still, it is time to pack away those summer jams and start chilling to some new beats. These songs are season-appropriate in the best way, from lovesick ballads to all night party jams.  Here are the sounds you should be adding to your personal playlists right now.



Colton Ford

Everyone’s favorite silver daddy reflects on some of the struggles that have kept him out of the limelight for several years.  “Stronger” is a big, beautiful ballad that starts off simple with a vocal and acoustic guitar before it whisks listeners on a powerfully sweeping musical journey.  Its inspirational lyrics reveal Ford’s own life mantra of staying the course, believing that victory is inevitable.  Two remixes accompany the original.  Spin Sista’s “Future Haus” mix is epic and anthemic while Spin’s “Haus of Love” mix offers a chill kind of vibe that is absolutely delish.



John Chandler

Each single on John Chandler’s new Running, Missing, Changing, Growing EP tells a story all its own with sad but hopeful lyrics, set to real piano and guitars, alongside minimal drums. “Missing” chronicles the artist’s road to self-discovery where he questions if he is in a healthy relationship, working the right job and living in the ideal city.  Produced by Joe Crow and co-written with American Idol finalist Brandon Rogers, the emotionally charged track sets Chandler on a journey where he makes some major life changes and writes an incredible song.  


“Give a F-ck”

John Duff 

Essentially a proclamation of Duff’s own self-worth, “Give a F-ck,” is an unabashedly theatrical-R&B-patter-song about unrequited love. There is no hidden message here. Its opening lyric refers to Duff’s desire for connection and disdain of masturbation. The piano intro is followed by lush accompaniment, dramatic turnarounds, and clever word play, before escalating into its soaring octave-jumping climax.  Written by Duff, produced by Alex Delicata (Rihanna) and mastered by Grammy-nominated-engineer Mike Bozzi (Snoop Dogg), it’s the artist’s most Mariah Carey, Babyface inspired piece yet.  



Kory Burns

This seductive new R&B track celebrates being single and doing what, when and who you want.  Produced by Sean McMillion (Nicki Minaj) and Carlos Battey (Grammy winner for his dance remix of Madonna and David Guetta’s “Revolver”), the upbeat single is reminiscent of 90’s smooth crooners who were always inviting that special someone home to put nothing on… but the radio.    It is fun, flirty, and feel good; exactly what the world needs right now. 



David Hernandez

The new single from our hometown American Idol is a powerful ballad about the dangers of infatuation.  Co-written by Hernandez and featuring beat boxing from his good friend, American Idol Blake Lewis, the song is about the artist’s real-life relationship that he admits he allowed to wreck his whole world.  Hernandez’s longtime collaborator, Daniel Braustein, plays electric guitar and drums on the track.  Hernandez also brings in six vocalists for the background choir that gives “Kingdom” its majestic gospel feel towards the end.