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In Episode 5 of Season 13, Ru told the girls that she is throwing a birthday party to celebrate the inner child in each of them, so they have to shake a rattle and roll for “Baby’s Got Back,” and they only had 20 minutes to get into quick baby drag. The winner of the mini challenge was Lala Ri, and she won a $2,500 gift card from For the maxi challenge, they were throwing a Bag Ball. First look is mixed bag, followed by money bag, and the last look was to design from scratch a show-stopping look made from bags…any kind of bags.

This week joining Ru, Michelle and Carson as the guest judge was Nicole Byer. The winner of this week’s maxi challenge was Gotmik, and the bottom two were Joey Jay and Lala Ri, with Joey Jay sashaying away. I really think Joey Jay had a lot more to show, so I am sad, but I am happy to have this Hotspots exclusive interview.


Q: At what age did drag become an interest and how did you pick your name?

JJ: Probably around 18 was when I saw my first drag entertainer and I thought she was so beautiful. After that I started backup dancing and editing music, etc. One day, when I was 26, I went to a pageant and it had a huge prize package. The contestants weren’t good, so I decided I could do this. I had someone paint my face, and then I practiced every day for 4 or 5 months before I went out. I decided to keep my own name, as drag is just another side of me. 

Q: How excited were you when you got the call that you were cast and what was the first thing you did?

JJ: My friends and I had gotten an Airbnb for the weekend, and that’s where I got the call. I was so excited, but I couldn’t say anything to any of my friends. I manifested it, since being on “Drag Race” was on my vision board.

Q:How hard was it to keep the secret that you were on Drag Race?

JJ: I didn’t tell anyone in Phoenix. I drove to LA many times to stay at a friend’s house and buy fabric to sew all day and work with a few designers. I’m not a big sewer, but I did push myself.

Q: Tell us about your “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 13 experience?

JJ: Filming was hectic and crazy, but I loved every minute of it.

Q: Is there something you wish you had done differently?

JJ: No, I am so proud of what I did.

Q: How did using your own hair come about?

JJ: It has been me for years. When I started doing drag I wore wigs and I felt that I looked like every other drag queen. Then I did “Pink” with my own hair blond and was living for it, so I started using it more often.

Q: Without revealing anything you may know, who do you want to win and why?

JJ: It’s such a hard question because the cast is so strong. If a legend like Kahmora Hall goes first you know it’s a great cast. It’s also such a diverse cast; it’s really impossible for me to pick. 

Q: What’s your marital status?

JJ: I am single, and ready for a pringle.

Q: What’s ahead for Joey Jay?

JJ: This is just the beginning. I want to walk in runways, do productions, and I have the “itch” to go back on TV. I also want to be a motivational speaker.


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