It’s taking forever, this resurrection of the classic ’80s fashion/sex/murder mystery/sunshine-noir “American Gigolo,” but we’re committed to seeing it through to its destination as a series on Showtime. Maybe it’s because Richard Gere taught us about Giorgio Armani and male frontal nudity in 1980, or maybe it’s because we’re still addicted to that film’s homoeroticism and simultaneous homo-fear. Whatever the case, there’s a casting update, as Lizzie Brocheré (“Falling Water”) and Gabriel LaBelle (“Dead Shack”) are joining as regulars alongside Jon Bernthal, Gretchen Mol and Rosie O’Donnell.

Coming 40 years after the original yet only spanning an extra 18 (huh?), the story continues as formerly in-demand sex worker Julian (Bernthal), whose life was never the same after being accused of murder, tries to find his way in the world of contemporary gigolo-ing. They’re still adding cast, as you can see, so cameras haven’t rolled yet. But they should, and soon, because we’re impatient. But while they’re taking their sweet time making this thing happen, could someone put a call in to Gere, Lauren Hutton or Debbie Harry for some throwback cameo appearance/soundtrack love? At this point, why not?