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This episode started out with Ru telling her queens that they have all been through a lot together and now it’s time to open their hearts and express how they truly feel about each other. The Library was then open because what? Reading is fundamental. The winner was Gotmik, who won a $2,500 Gift Card from ISLYNYC. The Maxi challenge had the girls improv for their life as they appear on the trashy Talk Show Bossy Rossy after dark, the reboot. Ru assigned the segments randomly from left to right:

Rose, Denali and LaLa Ri: I’m pregnant with my imaginary boyfriend’s baby.

Gotmik, Uttica, and Olivia: Breaking my silence, escape from the cult Mimology.

Symone and Kandy: Former Teen Queens, where are they now?

Tina And Elliott with 2 T’s: My best friend’s 600-pound ass is killing our friendship.

Along with Ru, Michelle and Ross, the guest judge was TS Madison, and the runway category was “Bead It.” The winner this week, who received a $5,000 tip was Olivia Luxe. This was her second win in a row. The bottom two were Elliott with 2 T’s and LaLa Ri, with LaLa sashaying away.

We caught up with LaLa Ri to dish on her “Drag Race” experience.

HS: At what age did drag become an interest for you and how did you pick your name?

LR: I think I was really young. It was when “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar” came out and I thought Noxeema Jackson was the most beautiful girl in the world. [My drag name] is from my real name, but I just played around with it a bit. 

HS: How excited were you when you got the call that you were cast, and what was the first thing you did?

LR: I was super excited since this was my first time auditioning, so it was unexpected. The first thing I did was to go and sit on the toilet, and I didn’t even have to use the bathroom.

HS: How hard was it to keep the secret that you were on “Drag Race”?

LR: It was super hard, because it happened during the pandemic and people were curious why I was getting outfits together when no one was working. I had to play stupid, which is easy for me.

HS: Tell us about your “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 13 experience?

LR: It was a great experience. I still pinch myself to this day that I was on “Drag Race.” I love the cast of girls and everyone is super talented. I also learned a lot about myself on the show.

HS: Is there something you wish you had done differently?

LR: I wish I would have done a better version of the bag outfit on the Ball challenge, but then again everyone is talking about that, so maybe I wouldn’t do anything different.

HS: Without revealing anything you may know, who do you want to win and why?

LR: That’s a hard question, since I love them all. However, I am team Symone all the way.

HS: What’s the LaLa Ri experience?

LR: It is exactly what you saw on the show. LaLa is a fool and is going to go all out with over-the-top energy. She is a good time girl! 

HS: What’s your marital status?

LR: I am dating someone, but not the person I was talking about on the show.

HS: What’s ahead for LaLa?

I am dabbling in the music scene and I released my first song today: “Bad Bitch Tip,” which is available on all streaming platforms. I am also working on more content to release. I am really enjoying this ride, and the sky is the limit.


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