Sirius XM Radio Star Seth Rudetsky hosts, and music directs his acclaimed international concert series online. Presented by Mark Cortale, these up-close and personal weekly concerts features Broadway’s biggest stars in a seamless mix of intimate behind-the-scenes stories prompted by Seth’s funny, insightful and revealing questions – and the songs from each star’s stellar Broadway career. The Seth Concert Series is sponsored by BroadwayWorld and StreamYard.  Over the next few weeks, the upcoming stars are Stephanie J. Block, and husband Sebastian Arcelus, Mandy Gonzalez on April 25, Andrea Mcardle on May 2, and Christine Pedi, on May 9

It was a pleasure to sit down with the talented Stephanie J. Block for this exclusive Hotspots interview right before her concert on Sunday April 18: 

Were you always a performer even as a child, or when did it begin?

I was always a performer. My parents tell me I started singing commercials in the house around 3. I would go to parties, and I would put my piggy bank in the middle of the floor before I would start to perform.

What was your first professional role?

My first paid role was a voiceover when I was 13 for Crispy Crunch cereal and then at 15, I was one of the 3 little pigs at Disney Land.

When did you know entertaining would be your career?

I knew when I was 11, because my discipline was such that I wanted nothing else. My priority was always the arts.

How did you get cast in the Cher show?

I got cast despite myself. I turned it down many times, and then Jason Moore, the director, took me to dinner and convinced me to take the role.

How was it to meet Cher?

It was jaw dropping, it really was. She is a complete star…a celestial force. She is small in stature but when she walks into a room everyone knows something has happened. There is a massive molecular and energy shift. She is authentically herself, which is beautiful and completely disarming at the same time!

How exciting was it to win the Tony?

It was thrilling. The beautiful part of it was that I have been such a journeyman in this industry. This was my 8th Broadway show and 11th overall. I never thought this was the role I would win the Tony for, but I felt completely at home because I looked up and saw my community of 18 years.

Other than the Cher Role, what was your favorite role to play?

Because I put in so much into every role it makes it so difficult to choose. But there was something so indelible in playing Trina in Falsetto. We were telling a story that was beautiful and important. That moment in time was particularly special.

What is your fantasy role?

There are many, but the two that are at the forefront are: Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, and Aurora in Kiss of the Spider Woman.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Hardworking, silly and vulnerable

What do you do for fun?

I have a kid, so there is not a whole lot of fun time. But I love to read, travel and shop online. I also cherish spending time with my husband of 13 years. I actually married my Fierro.

How did you meet Seth?

He is such a beautiful crazy lunatic, and he is part of the institution. I remember him complimenting my high note. I trust him as he is a kind human being and I just go along for the ride.

What have you been doing during the Pandemic?

We have tried to stay “in control” during this very strange and difficult time. We made some very big decisions as a family. We sold our home and moved to NOCAL (albeit temporary) so that we could be closer to my side of the family and so Vivienne could grow, learn & play with cousins close to her age and attend an all-outdoor kindergarten. We have been working so hard to create a safe and stable world for our daughter and in doing that, huge sacrifices were made. We are just trying to lead with love and make one decision at a time. But this last year has tested our wills… personally & professionally.

What should our readers expect from your Virtual performance in the Broadway Series? 

Those who tune in will see and hear so much emotion. I have never been one to hide what is below the surface. Sebastian and I will sing to heal, to confront, to love and in gratitude. And we hope those emotions will be felt by our attendees.

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