Dan Slater and Zoë Badwi debuted “We Are” at last month’s Winter Party in Miami where it was named the official anthem for the event. This month, Swishcraft Music has made the very uplifting, hands-in-the-air track their first big club release since the start of the COVID pandemic.

The song is about standing strong together. It’s the perfect message for the upcoming Pride season and, according to Dan Slater, is especially pertinent today. “After the challenging year we have been through, it is important to remember that we need to stay united in solidarity. We need to remain inclusive and treat everyone respectfully,” he says.

Badwi, who wrote the song with Mitchell Thompson, agrees. “There is no better time than now to remember that we are all in this together so let’s love one another.” The full remix package of “We Are” by Dan Slater & Zoë Badwi is available from Swishcraft Music now on all major music services.

“2020 looked like it was going to be one of my best years ever,” Dan Slater, who has headlined some of the biggest parties around the world including White Party Palm Springs, reflects. “Then Covid happened, and my work went from 100 to zero. I felt very alone. I’m not ashamed to share that I began seeing a therapist weekly.”

Badwi, too, felt feelings of isolation. She drew strength from past triumphs. “I remember feeling so alone when I released ‘Release Me’. It was the first song I had written, and I worried how people would receive me and my inner most thoughts. It was scary putting myself out there like that! But the community was so beautiful and the support they gave me was so generous, I was able to pull from their love and light during the dark times of the pandemic.”

Dan Slater and Zoë Badwi both hail from Australia. They have worked on projects together since 2017, most notably 2018’s “Respectable.” Badwi presented “We Are” to Slater who says he was drawn to the song’s topline and its positive message.

“’We Are’ is a quintessential summer track,” says Matt Consola of Swishcraft Music, the label that is distributing the single and its remixes and will release two additional Dan Slater and Zoë Badwi songs in the next few months. “On one hand ‘We Are’ is about proudly celebrating everyone’s uniqueness and individualism. On the other, it’s a kick ass anthem that just explodes with positivity and love.”

Consola, a Billboard #1 remixer and popular club DJ in his own right, is confident gay dancefloors in the USA and Canada will be back at full capacity soon. “Our motto for summer 2021 is ‘You Can’t Keep a Good Queen Down!’”

The full remix package of “We Are” by Dan Slater & Zoë Badwi is available from Swishcraft Music now on Apple, Spotify and on all major music services. For more information, visit