After a couple years of rumbling maybes, there’s a new “Queer as Folk” on the way, with an eight-episode, straight-to-series order from NBC’s streaming service Peacock. The “reimagining” is from “Little America” creator Stephen Dunn, who’ll set the update among a diverse group of queer friends in New Orleans (the original UK series was set in in Manchester, the US version in Pittsburgh). We’re hopeful that this iteration will take that diversity seriously, because unlike the first wave of LGBT scripted dramas for television — the UK and American “QaF” included — that were almost entirely centered on white, cisgender characters, we now live with a TV landscape that includes a revived “L Word” and “Pose,” programs that deliver a much more inclusive vision of the queer family. No cast yet (“Pose” is ending, though; so, casting directors, take note, some wonderful actors are available). And no air date. Just good news.