It was all rainbows in Canada for Italian tennis player Fabio Fognini this week following his homophobic outburst last month at the Olympics. While he was shouting anti-gay slurs during a match at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo in late July, Monday was a different story as Fognini was sporting three different rainbow accessories at the ATP 1000 tennis tournament in Toronto: a rainbow headband and two rainbow wristbands. During his heated Olympics match, a clearly frustrated Fognini repeatedly yelled an anti-gay slur at himself. He also threw his racket and removed his shirt to cool himself throughout the match. His opponent, Medvedev, required medical attention when he nearly fainted from the heat during play, but he was able to complete the match and defeat Fognini in three sets. After the incident, Fognini said in a post on Instagram, “In today’s match I used a really stupid expression towards myself. Obviously I didn’t want to offend anyone’s sensibilities. I love the LGBT community and I apologize for the nonsense that came out of me.”

WATCH: Tennis Player Wears Rainbow Gear After Using Antigay Slurs at Olympics