We are huge fans of trans actor Alexandra Billings. She’s the reason we didn’t bail on “The Conners.” And it’s exciting to watch a performer come into their own on screen, which is how it seems to be going for her. Next she’ll step into a role in the upcoming Amazon original series “The Peripheral,” starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Jack Reynor (the boyfriend in the bear costume in “Midsommar”).

Based on the novel by legendary author William Gibson, the plot involves mysterious cyberspace-based employment, gaming and possibly murder, none of which will really make sense until we watch it. Our favorite detail: Billings’ character, a major role as a mysterious detective, is transgender, as was the character in the original novel, so three cheers for giving trans roles to trans actors. Created by Scott B. Smith, starring people we enjoy, we’ll be watching.

Photo by Ricardo Ortiz from Pexels