The legendary playwright and drag performer Charles Busch (“Psycho Beach Party,” “Die, Mommie, Die!”) forged his own path with the off-Broadway Theatre-in-Limbo company and, after creating those comedy mainstays, didn’t rest on that success. That’s a longwinded way of saying he’s back and ready for the big screen again with “The Sixth Reel.” Co-written and co-directed by Busch and Carl Andress, the latest project stars Busch as a movie memorabilia collector, obsessed with classic Hollywood.

When a friend’s death reveals the existence of the final reel of a classic horror film that was thought to be lost, a race to cash in commences with a variety of ruthless and comedic schemes. Along for the ride are Limbo alum Julie Halston, Tim Daly and stand-up queen Margaret Cho. The film will get its world premiere at this summer’s Outfest. Look for it to roll out into the world soon after.