Episode 10 starts out with Carson coming on the TV screen and saying “Welcome to the Secret RU-demption secret smackdown…it was so secret you had no clue it was happening.” What is this all about? Well the eliminated queens were lip synching amongst each other every episode to see who would eventually get back into the competition.

Week 2 – Serena goes up against Giggly and Giggly wins

Week 3 – Giggly goes up against Silky and Silky wins

Week 4 – Silky goes up against Yara and Silky wins

Week 5 – Silky goes up against Scarlet and Silky wins

Week 6 – Silky was supposed to go up against A’keria, but she declines the second chance to get back into All Stars in a very respectful way. Therefore, Silky automatically advances but asks for the chance to lip synch anyways and they allow her. All I can say is she TURNS THE PARTY!!

Week 7 – Silky goes up against Jan, and although they were both amazing, Silky wins again.

Week 8 – Silky goes up against Pandora, and Silky wins again.

The next week Silky goes up against Eureka, and Eureka wins (in my opinion it should have been Silky) and gets to re-enter the competition.

Episode 11 starts out with Ru telling the top 5, that during Pride celebrations everyone gets to let loose except drag queens, so for today’s mini challenge they need to customize an outfit that is pride perfect and then they will have a pride photo op. The winner of the mini challenge is Kylie Sonique Love, and she wins Levi’s entire 2021 Pride collection.

For the Maxi challenge the girls need to entertain Ru with true stories from their drag career on a new show they are calling the “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent Monologues.”

Joining Ru, Michelle and Carson on the main stage is Justin Simien. The runway category is “Oops I did it again, a fashionable fashion fail.” Eureka wins and gets $5,000 from Levi’s and they also donate $5,000 to Outright Action International. Ru then tells the girls that they are at that point in the competition that if you are not the top all-star, then you are in the bottom.

The lip synch assassin this week is Jaida Essence Hall, and Jaida won and the group sent home Trinity.

It was, once again, a pleasure to sit down with Trinity for this interview.

How has your life changed since you were on “Drag Race” the first time?

Oh my god, drastically. It has just been very exciting as I have gotten many opportunities and met many people that I would have never had the chance to meet if it wasn’t for “Drag Race.” I also feel like I have grown in my artistry. In addition, now I have a home.   

What has been some of your favorite places to visit as a RuPaul alumni?

Australia, and any time I go to LA its amazing as everyone lives there. I also love New York City. 

How exciting was it to get called back to All Stars for a second time and did you consider not coming back?

I was very excited, but very panicky. At the time I wasn’t doing too well with my living situation, but I had to go. I would have been foolish to say no. 

How did you prepare differently for All Stars than you did your first time on “Drag Race”?

The first time I was way more prepared as I happened to have everything in my closet they asked for. This time I had to work a lot harder to get everything either made, and I borrowed or rented a lot of things. It was much harder for me this time around, but it paid off.  

Is there anything you would have done differently?

No, not really. I think I gave it my all. 

What challenge or look on All Stars are you most proud of?

The Brazil look as I love the Brazilian people and culture. I did it for the Brazilian people as I know how much they support the show. 

Which was your favorite season; Season 6 or All Stars 6 and why?

All Stars 6 because I prefer Trinity now than I did then. 


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You are well known in the pageantry world and everyone talks about your Continental talents. Are you planning on going back to Continental?   

Yes, I will be competing next week. 

What’s ahead for Trinity? 

Hopefully a business as I want to start a beauty bar. I want to be able to do drag when I want to, not when I have to.

Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you want to talk about?

Yes, I was not mad the last episode, I was just tired. 


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