Advertisement reports that over the past weekend, the two heartthrobs @Ricky Martin and @Enrique Iglesias got together (with fellow singer @Sebastián Yatra ) for a live stream chat on their social media accounts, and things got a little…interesting, to say the least. Both singers are embarking on an upcoming joint concert tour together that starts later this month, and during their live stream, the two teased a little of what is to be expected while they are out on the road performing for massive crowds again. During the stream Yatra threw in the comment, “And somebody’s going to wear a g-string!” Enrique responded by saying, “You know what? We should make that a bet! We’ll make that a bet in Vegas. We’ll do something, you know? And whoever loses, has to go on the last show on stage wearing a g-string.” We will be waiting to see what the bet is, and who ends up in the skimpy garment.