As I have mentioned almost every year, one of the best parts of doing the Annual Spa Edition are the relationships the Hotspots staff have formed with the local spa owners. Every year we look forward to seeing them and spending some quality time with their staff. In addition, we get to meet new people when new spas come on board.

What I have definitely learned from the spa owners and their staff is if you take care of your body on a regular basis, it will take care of you and make you look and feel younger for many years!

Here are Seven Spas We Love in South Florida in 2021:

Island City Massage 


Christian Perez
2312 Wilton Drive
Wilton Manors

Island City Massage has been around for almost three years. Christian took over a small office at the Wilton Executive Suites and turned it into a spa oasis. He is part of a generation that seeks to create a healthier future for the residents of Wilton Manors, Florida.

When I asked Christian about his philosophy he said: “Being a health professional involves having a genuine interest for the wellbeing of each client. I attend trainings, visit spas and research conditions such as sciatic pain, shoulder or neck pain and many others to sustain an ever-growing massage therapy practice.”

One of Christian’s newest massages is “The Amazonica Massage” (60min = $105; 90 minutes = $145) – Christian Perez’s new massage helps you escape to a tropical paradise with the revitalizing elements of South America. You are invited to rediscover your inner peace through the purifying natural elements of Colombia and Costa Rica with an experience inspired by his most recent travels to jungles surrounding Medellin and the rich soils of Volcano Arenal. This massage recreates the refreshing scents and sensory experience of wandering through the tropical rainforest with an assortment of expertly curated essential oils. This is then complemented by the vibrant energy of volcanic soil channeled through heated basalt stones placed carefully on the feet and neck. You will find yourself refreshed and reinvigorated by this unique experience!! Christian made sure to take time to talk to me before procedure to let me know what he was going to do and then after the procedure to see how I was doing.

Christian offers a membership program, which is an amazing deal. If you agree to at least one 60-minute massage a month, all your massage’s are only $1 a minute, and that includes massages you book for your partner, your family, your friends, and even gift cards.

Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach Spa


2800 South Ocean
Palm Beach

When you arrive at the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach the entrance is so upscale you know you are getting ready to experience something special. I was greeted by the valet and told how to get to the spa. When I entered the hotel, I was mesmerized by its beauty. I walked down one hallway and then another hallway of stores with fabulous items to purchase, and then I came to a set of stairs to walk down. When you are halfway down the stairs you see the front desk, waiting area, and product area of the spa, which is exquisite. I was then greeted by the beautiful Inna, who had me fill out the intake form on an iPad (they do send this to you by email if you choose to fill out in advance, but of course I didn’t). After being a very calming influence (I was stressed from traffic on 95) Inna told me that Guidson would give me a tour of the spa. The Spa has a steam room (closed currently for Covid), a whirlpool, a relaxation room, fabulous bathrooms with all the products you would ever need, a locker room with luxurious robes and slippers, and showers that I would kill to have in my house. After changing, I went to the waiting room, which is equipped with beautiful couches and chairs and an assortment of teas, drinks, and snacks. After just a couple minutes, I was greeted by Rosie, who escorted me back to the treatment areas. She explained to me the steps of the treatment and was very careful during the treatment to explain all that she was doing.

The treatment I received was the Ocean Quench Body Treatment. I found out that all of their body therapy treatments are taken to new depths of relaxation and renewal on their state-of-the-art Spa Dream aqua bed by LEMI. Your body is serenely supported on a warm water mattress and suspended in a glow of chromotherapy. This ultra-hydrating Oceanique treatment starts with an energizing orange peel and organic cane sugar scrub. Next, steamed lime-infused towels are applied leaving skin radiant. A drizzle of vitamin C- infused Floridian sweet orange oil is massaged into tired muscles while a whipped citrus butter hand and foot treatment works magic. When the scrub is done, Rosie turned on the shower for me (Yes it’s in the treatment room), and this shower was even better than the shower in the locker room. I never felt so clean in my life. When I was done, I came back to the table to get a full body massage. The aqua bed’s hypnotic, rhythmic, and wave-inducing motions help to release you from the tensions of gravity. This massage was truly like none I have ever received before, due to the waves and the movement of your body. 80 Minutes – $330. If you are rushed for time, they do offer a 50 minute version for $240, but I recommend going for the 80 minute treatment!

I know some of our readers in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, can’t drive up to Palm Beach, but not to worry as they are opening the Four Seasons Hotel and Residences Fort Lauderdale before the end of the year. That hotel will also feature Serenity at the Spa. Explore an inspiring array of restorative massages, facials and unique spa rituals. Sample new products and aromatherapies in their experiential boutique, then further your journey in soothing lounges complete with salt saunas, aroma steam baths, and ice fountains. For more information go to:

Spa Cabana’s

2209 NE 26th Street, Fort Lauderdale

When I arrived at the Spa Cabanas for my treatments, I was greeted by owner Carlos Rodriguez. Carlos purchased the spa from original owner Norman LaChance almost 3 years ago. Folow him on Facebook to see all the sexy pics he posts of his clients. Carlos then introduced me to his very handsome receptionist Tony, and he informed me that I would be receiving a CBD Massage from Dale Mowery and then an Anti-Aging Facial from Manuel Echezuria.

I started with Dale, who is a big guy and initially I was a bit afraid as I am not one for a major deep tissue massage as I am a delicate soul (LOL). But Dale informed me that he has been a masseuse for a little over 16 years and will be in contact with me throughout the entire massage to make sure the pressure is correct and that I am comfortable. I experienced an intensive manipulation of superficial to very deep layers of muscles giving relief to my muscular tension, pain and stress. Dale also paid special attention to treating muscle fibers to further help release muscle and joint tension. He immediately discovered the tension I had in my neck and lower back and spend extra time on those area. This procedure is all done with CBD oil and the extra Dale gave me to take home with me. I have changed my mind about big guys, they definitely know how to manipulate your body to make your tensions go away and for you to feel better! 60min Swedish CBD $105; 60min Deep Tissue CBD $115; adding Hot Stones its $125.

I was then introduced to Manuel, who escorted me to his area for a fabulous facial that was going to take years off my life. Working in the tense filled magazine arena, I definitely need some years removed. This deep cleansing and relaxing facial is perfectly customized to rebalance and reenergize your skin for an anti-aging and more youthful appearance. It actively increases skin moisture, calms irritations and minimizes expression lines and wrinkles. This is a deep cleansing not to mention relaxing facial that that made my skin glow.  After checking my skin and making an evaluation, he proceeded to cleanse and exfoliate using the Spa’s amazing products.  Once the cleaning was finished, extractions are done followed by a high frequency treatment used to shrink pores and even the complexion tone.   A mask was applied that was soothing and refreshing and made me feel quite relaxed. 60 minutes $129

They remind everyone to ask about their monthly specials and packages.

Lavish Manors Nail and Hair Spa


2717 N Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors

When I first walked in to Lavish Manors Nail and Hair Spa, I immediately noticed they changed the reception area to a much larger and welcoming desk. I was quickly introduced to Kevin. Originally, I thought I was getting a Manicure and pedicure, but he said that the owner, Tommy, would also like me to experience their Hair spa and offered to include a haircut and color treatment and asked if I was up for it. For the spa issue I consider myself a muse and try not to say no, but I did have a strict 2-hour window and Kevin said not to worry, he would get it done. He started by applying the hair color (prices vary but for men’s short hair approx. $55). While the color was working, he escorted me to the Pedicure chairs (which are heaven on earth), offered me a wine, soda or water and began my Lavender Lavish Valentino from Candy Cube Box Pedicure ($45).

If Lavender isn’t your thing this pedicure also can be done with Green Tea Lemon Grass or Mango. The exfoliating and hydrating powers of Valentino Candy Cube have made the treatment a new favorite among nail pros. Created with a balance of fine salt, pure cane sugar, skin moisturizing butter and oils, one candy cube helps scrubs away dead skin cells and leave behind soft and plump feet. To the best of my memory this is the order of the procedure, but when your feet feel this good, your memory kind of wanes. He started by trimming my hoofs (LOL), then filed them. He then added soap and scrubbed my feet with a brush. Kevin then put on oil and callus remover and let my feet soak again in the warm water. He then removed my cuticles, followed by putting on more callus remover and scrubbed it into my bad areas. The next step was to put on the Lavender scrub. After washing off the scrub, and then applying hot towels (who doesn’t love hot towels?) he put on oil and lotion and massaged them onto my feet and calves. Afterwards he did some final cuticle work, buffed my nails to a beautiful shine (I am not a polish girl).

When the Pedicure was over, it was time to wash out the color and then to get a hair cur ($25). After Kevin was done making my hair look amazing, it was time for the final procedure, a classic manicure ($18), that included nail trimming, shaping, cuticle detailing and a lotion massage. Needless to say, I left Lavish feeling like a movie star!

The Grand Resort and Spa

539 N. Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale

JD, owner of the Spa, asked that I bring a someone with me as he wanted to give us two services at the same time, so I brought our senior sales rep, Anthony Verrico. When we entered, we were met by Greg Howell and Robert Nocifora who were going to administer our procedures. Greg was going to do my service which was going to be something in between a Swedish and Deep Tissue massage and Robert was going to give Anthony a Coconut Oil and Sugar Scrub.

A special note to my wifey Paula who was on vacation with her real husband and family…I want a divorce…oh yeah, and I miss you!

Before starting the massage Greg told me that the theory of the Spa at the Grand is they let their hands do the walking so that every massage is customized to the individual person’s needs. All of their massages are therapeutic but are geared toward relaxation. But the deep tissue massage specifically focuses on problem areas to relieve tension, spasms and overall tightness. I got the best of both worlds! Greg almost immediately found my tension areas and worked on them. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Anthony had the scrub, mostly because he is much more comfortable naked then I am (I know JD has a comment here…LOL). This treatment is for dry and dull skin. Sugars release alpha hydroxyl acid to exfoliate the skin and organic coconut oil softens and moisturizes the skin to a smooth polish. The treatment is finished with a rich moisturizer application. Anthony said his skin never felt so soft, and on the way back to the office he was so relaxed he could barely talk.

The Spa at the Grand also has a membership program with two levels. If you sign up, you can pay $85 a month and get either a 50-minute Swedish or deep tissue massage, a scrub or a wellness facial or you can pay $125 a month and get either a 80-minute Swedish or deep tissue massage or specialty facials based on skin type or signature body treatments that are a scrub and a massage in their wet room. For either of the memberships you choose one of these 4 options each month. There is no initiation fees and no cancellation fees, but guests are just asked to give 30-day notice of cancellation. Spa members are allowed to spend the day with locker privileges towels provided and if there’s a function being held at The Grand Resort and Spa on the day of their service, they are welcome to attend.

Jimmy Cohen’s Day Spa
3045 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

I have personally known Jimmy Cohen for many years, and he has performed many procedures on me, so I was sad when I couldn’t go to his beautiful spa myself. However, fret not, as Anthony was able to go and experience the pampering.

The best part of this experience for Anthony is that he had never had a Mani/Pedi in his life, so he was finally a virgin at something again…LOL!! When he entered the spa the wonderful Clint greeted him, who offered him a beverage before the pampering sessions began. He was first introduced to Tri Le (who has 21 years of experience and has been a J. Cohen’s for 4 years) and then seated for his pedicure in a massage chair, and then they soaked his feet in warm massage ointments. Then his toenails were clipped, buffed and ready for the years of dead skin to be removed. He said they were sheered down and as smooth as a newborns bottom. The treatment ended with wonderful soothing lotion foot and lower leg massage. This was followed by a manicure and Anthony said his nails never looked so good. Mani/Pedi combo $85.

Anthony was then introduced to James Crickman for his 90-minute Swedish massage ($125). James has been working a J. Cohen’s for 2 years now.  Anthony said the soothing massage, music, aroma therapy, and mood lighting (blue stars gaze) made his mind, and body drift into bliss.

Memberships and packages are available for all treatments.

The Spa at Carillon Miami
6801 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

From cupping to cryotherapy, and infrared saunas to Jeuveau, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort brings a unique and comprehensive mixture of Western, Eastern, Alternative, and Aesthetic medicine for custom treatment plans and impactful results.

When arriving at the Spa at the Carillion I was greeted by the beautiful receptionist and then escorted to the locker room and given a luxurious bathrobe and slippers to change into. Once I was changed, I was given a tour of the spa and the multitude of amenities.

I was then brought to the Cryotherapy room where I was given disposable gloves to put on then thermal gloves, earmuffs, and socks. The Whole-Body Cryotherapy drops to temperatures as low as -275°, and the Carillion’s whole-body cryotherapy chamber ranks as one of the coldest in the country. I stepped inside to invigorate my entire body, balance my nervous system, boost my immune system, and stimulate my metabolism, all while burning up to 800 calories. This is a 3-minute treatment for $99, but you can buy a package of 10 for $800.

I then was escorted to the Halotherapy + Infrared Sauna, which is a natural and effective solution for respiratory health and hygiene. Anti-viral, bacterial, fungal, inflammatory, stress combating & supports immune health. This infrared sauna eliminates seven times more toxins than a traditional sauna while helping relax muscles, relieve inflammation, and burn calories. I definitely felt the stress melt away while in this Sauna. This is a 25-minute treatment for $99, but you can buy a package of 10 for $800.

Afterwards I was introduced to my Masseuse, Keny Alberto Melendez, for my Quartz Massage. Quartz minerals are known for their healing and strengthening properties. I found out that Keny is originally from El Salvador, and she proceeded to ask about pressure and problem areas and used a few oils on my body during the massage. The Quartz Massage is featured on a crystal quartz massage bed, which is an innovative bed lined with warmed spherical quartz that envelops the body for deep relaxation. Color therapy with seven alternating colors supports in energizing and promoting balance throughout the body for a deeper therapeutic experience. The Quartz massage is 50 minutes – $189.

After this massage I felt a combination of relaxed and empowered and could not wait to take advantage of all the amenities of the spa, which include thermal loungers, experiential rains, foot spa, Igloo, crystal steam room, Finnish spa, herbal laconium, and a vitality tub. I am sure there are amenities I missed, as this is the most amenities I have ever seen at a spa.