Dear Andreus,

My boyfriend and I are quite the social couple, and we have maybe two or three groups of friends that we hang out with regularly. We share a lot with our friends, as we both take friendships very seriously. I like that about him. The issue is that I feel like he shares too much, like the details of our sex life. Some of our friends are very open, and probably because most of them are single, but I feel like our intimacy is our business and should be private. He told me that I should not feel offended but honored that he enjoys it enough to talk about it. Am I wrong for wanting to be private?


Brian S.

Dear Brian,

If you are a very private person, so I can see how this could make you very uncomfortable. It seems that you are surrounded by very open and easy-going people, and maybe it just comes with the territory. You could try to think about it from a more positive perspective, because it seems like he is very proud of your sex life, and that is definitely a good thing for you. I am sure that you also know that in our lifestyle, people love those kinds of conversations, down to the most specific details. Try to have fun with it, and if not, just ask him to ease up a bit. I wouldn’t push too hard, but only you know your limits.