The “Hellraiser” reboot has a cast! And as we hoped, Clive Barker creation Pinhead – who we always assumed was queer because, come on, is there a bigger diva? – will be handled by none other than “Sense8” and “L Word: Generation Q” star Jamie Clayton. Clayton is one of our favorites among Hollywood’s exciting crop of upcoming trans artists who’re changing the game when it comes to casting, so this news couldn’t be more timely or appropriate. David Bruckner (“The Night House”) will take on directorial duties and “Grand Army” actress Odessa A’zion will star alongside Brandon Flynn (“13 Reasons Why”), Goran Visnjic (“ER”) and Drew Starkey (“Love, Simon”). We’re told the story involves the origin of the extra-dimensional creatures known as Cenobites, but that could have fully changed course since we first learned of the project. Hulu gets it in 2022, and until then there are so many sequels to the original film to catch up on, you can easily occupy your time until our favorite monster returns to tear your soul apart.