Dear Andreus,

I have been single for the last 6 months. My ex and I still live together, though I am planning to move out soon. I finally have closure and have started dating someone else.  Now I am starting to notice that my ex is making an effort to be the way that he should have been when we were together. However, for me it is too little too late.  I have reconnected with the guy that I feel like I should have been with in the first place.  I poured my heart and soul into the relationship I had with my ex, without any reciprocation. I feel for him though. Should I give him another chance?


Jesse M.

Dear Jesse,

My honest advice is…RUN! If you have gotten closure, and are living your life now and happy with where you are, why would you go backwards?  Sometimes people don’t realize what they had until it’s gone. It also could be out of jealousy that he is trying to be better, since he may not have moved on or gotten closure. That is not your concern any longer.  Be happy and nourish your current situation if it feels right.