“Queer as Folk” and “It’s a Sin” creator Russell T. Davies is diving deep down the queer British nostalgia well for his next project. It’s called “Nolly” and stars Helena Bonham Carter as wildly popular British soap star Noele Gordon, who appeared for over 20 years on the series “Crossroads.” Here’s where American audiences need a quick history lesson: Gordon was beloved. In fact, she was too beloved for network executives, who wanted to fire her and cancel the show that they deemed old-fashioned, in spite of its ongoing success. “Sacked” they call it over there, and sack her they did, much to the dismay of Gordon and her fans. But Gordon persisted and thrived, having the last laugh. It’s going to be wonderful to see a legendary character actor like Helena Bonham Carter portray a different sort of legend. And if we miss some of the finer points, we’ll just text our British gays and have them fill in the blanks.